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How to be a Mother and Successfully Grow a Business and Family at the Same Time

Being a working mother requires an almost supernatural ability to keep dozens of balls in the air simultaneously. And if you’re a Mother who’s chosen to grow your own business while simultaneously raising children, you’ve taken on the ultimate challenge. Many of us choose to become an entrepreneur because we’re passionate about our business vision and we want to have the flexibility and freedom to fit in around our children and their needs. But the harsh reality is that juggling...

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Does Gender Matter When it Comes to Choosing the Right Mentor?

A Female Perspective on the Role of Gender in Professional Mentoring Relationships. Gender isn’t something I’ve ever attached a lot of significance to because I believe that men and women are equally competent and necessary in the workplace. I grew up as the middle child of three sisters, and we were fortunate to have a loving father who instilled in us an enduring belief that we could do or be whatever we wanted, as long as we put our mind to it. My father was convinced that women belong...

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Bridging Science and ‘Woo-Woo’: Two Scientific Discoveries and Five Great Leaders Changing How We View the World

Science is now helping us emerge from the cultural trance that haves us believe we are just our physical bodies and there is nothing beyond the physical senses. Scientific breakthroughs are confirming what ancient spiritual teachers have been saying for thousands of years: There is more to you than meets the eye. "The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a great disservice to them both."Carl Sagan I feel compelled to write this article because the...

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