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How To Grow Your Pinterest Audience When You Create a New Account

So, you’ve heard all the wonderful advice about how you need to be using Pinterest to grow your business’s audience, and you’ve created a Pinterest account...but you’re not sure what to do next. How do you actually start gaining traction and building an audience? Before we get into how you can grow your Pinterest audience for your business, the very first step is to make sure your Pinterest account is actually a Business account - not a Personal one. If it is a Personal account, it’s easy...

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10 No-Cost Facebook Engagement Tips

Since Facebook changed its algorithm to promote personal connections, posts from business pages have been buried deeper and deeper in followers’ news feeds. You might see the same post from a friend over and over again, but somehow miss exciting updates from your favourite coffee shop or retailer. Facebook tells us that the purpose is to build more quality person-to-person interactions. I think it’s also (or mostly) about convincing businesses that they need to PAY for sponsored ads in...

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Grow Your Business with Facebook Live

When it comes to marketing and branding, it’s critical that you touch people where they live, with the kind of information they want, delivered in the way they prefer to receive it. As female entrepreneurs, business owners, brand builders and marketers, we know that it matters what our target markets have to say about how we’re communicating and interacting with them. Do they want images? Text? Video? If your target market is typical, it’s filled with consumers who prefer to absorb...

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Social Media Platforms for your Business

Social media isn't just "social." It can be any business woman's key to reaching her target market and making invaluable business connections. However, it can be challenging to figure out which social media platforms to use—and how to use them to promote your brand. So, without delay, let's get into the different channels and their marketing capabilities. Facebook: This social media giant has the most recognition of all the platforms, as well as the largest demographic range. That means...

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Facebook for Business: The Importance of a Presence There

How can women like me gain brand awareness and build visibility for our companies? It seems to be the timeless, everlasting question on the minds of female business owners everywhere. We all need low-cost methods for reaching and appealing to those consumers we believe will benefit from and stay loyal to us. And yet, we struggle. One way to gain massive ground in this area is by employing the benefits offered by Facebook. We all know that social media plays a major role in marketing...

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