Would you like to build a business you love, earn great income and make a big difference as a women’s business coach?


We make the business of business coaching easy.

Our goal is to empower you with the tools, support and resources you need to become a Certified Business Coach and build a profitable coaching business that you love – in under 3 months – so you can go on to have a powerful impact on the lives and businesses of women worldwide.

If you are a woman who is ready to learn how to become a business coach and feels called to support women to rise, then we’d like to speak with you.

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To build a successful, profitable coaching business you’ll need the following:

A business coaching curriculum.

We support you with a complete business coaching curriculum to step your clients through.

A coaching model plus pricing.

We provide a tried and tested coaching model with recommended pricing as a guide for you.

Proven business growth strategies.

We show you how to grow an inspiring coaching business using proven marketing strategies that attract more clients.

Your own coach.

You will have your own expert Fempire Master Coach to coach you through the certification training and to call on for support.

Easy to deliver training and content.

We provide Fempire training programs and content to deliver to your coaching clients.

A sisterhood of coaches.

You’ll be part of a group of women who have each other’s backs so you never feel alone as a coach, or a woman in business.

An online training a for your clients.

Our online training academy has been designed to support both you and your clients.

Ongoing training and support.

We offer ongoing training, workshops, networking and support and set you up for the best chance of success.

A Fempire Coach directory.

So clients can find you easily

Passive income streams.

A passive income model is built into our certified coach deliverables.

Meet Our Founder & CEO, Marnie LeFevre

We have a powerful mission here at Fempire and that is to support and inspire as many women as we can to become powerful business coaches and inspiring business leaders.

Why? Because we believe the future is female, and the more women we can inspire to lead women the better. We need more female leaders now.

So, I invite you to become a Fempire Certified Business Coach and I make a promise to you; that Fempire will support you as you grow your coaching business, show you how to attract more clients, provide resources, products and passive income opportunities to help you make a big difference and earn an income as a coach.


Are you ready to learn how to become a Fempire Certified Business Coach?

Your first (simple) step?

What our Fempire Certified Coaches have to say:

Shalanda Franklin

“You can use Fempire as the launchpad from which to build upon”

The certification program provides the materials you’ll need for a coaching business. You don’t have to start from scratch; you can use Fempire as the launchpad from which to build upon. I don’t have to have all the answers; but I can find solutions in the Fempire materials or access the sisterhood. The materials were thorough and comprehensive, especially the information on branding. When you join us, do the work as you’re going through the Fempire courses to determine your business goals, values, and value proposition. It will be worth it.

Treah Knight

“I am absolutely blown away by the support and framework!”

I am absolutely blown away by the support and just how robust the framework that Fempire International has been able to create and sustain. I have no doubt that if I had tried to go this alone, not only would I have had less satisfaction, but there’s no way that I would be where I am today in such a short time. If you’re considering becoming certified with Fempire, I can say that you shouldn’t hesitate.

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