Are you ready to learn how to use email to grow your business online?

Email marketing is arguably the single most important marketing activity you can do as a small business owner.

Whether you sell products or services through an online store or a physical location, having an email list is an essential ingredient for online success.

But many entrepreneurs struggle to understand what email marketing is or how they can get started…

Do you find email marketing confusing, or you just don’t know where to start?

Is your lack of technical knowledge holding you back from building an email list?

Would you like to learn email marketing step-by-step in an easy-to-understand format?

Introducing our new course
Getting Started with Email Marketing

A Step-by-Step Walk-Through

Our brand new course Getting Started with Email Marketing: A Step-by-
Step Walk-through is beginner-focused and will start you on your
journey to email marketing success.

Learn step-by-step

Watch over the shoulder of Fempire’s resident email marketer, Jo Baker, as she takes you through everything you need to know about email marketing to get you started on the road to online success. The course walks you through how to use MailChimp, a popular email marketing service provider with a free plan that any small business can use when just starting out with email marketing. Although the course is primarily focused on MailChimp, the knowledge you’ll walk away with can be applied to other leading platforms.

16 videos:

1. Introduction

2. What the **** is an ESP?

3. Email Marketing Basics

4. Set Up Your MailChimp Account

5. Create an Audience

6. Import & Manage Contacts

7. Tags, Groups & Segments

8. Create a Sign-up Form

9. Send Emails

10. Grow Your List

11. Create Landing Pages

12. The Sign-up Process

13. Send Surveys

14. Measuring Your Success

15. Customer Journey Preview

16. Stand Out in the Inbox

Inside, you’ll discover

✓ The principles of email marketing and how it works

✓ The different types of contacts you can have

✓ The different types of emails you can send

✓ How to connect your website URL to your MailChimp account

✓ How to set up an audience list

✓ How to organise your contacts

✓ How to segment your audience so you can send the right types of emails to the right types of people

✓ List-building strategies

✓ How to import contacts from a spreadsheet or build your email list from scratch

✓ The most effective way to attract subscribers

✓ How to send digital files automatically to people who sign up for them

✓ How to send emails to a hyper-specific group of people

✓ How to create sign-up forms and pop-ups

✓ How to stand out in customers’ inboxes

✓ How to create landing pages without knowing how to code

✓ How to set up surveys and send them to your subscribers

✓ The metrics to pay attention to in your reports

✓ You’ll have a deep understanding of the MailChimp platform and be able to navigate it with ease

✓ And a preview of MailChimp’s customer journey feature which can help you create customised campaigns for your subscribers

Who this is for

✓ Women who don’t currently use email marketing, or aren’t really sure what they’re doing

✓ Beginners who have no idea how to get started and are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

✓ Women looking to build their list and monetise their email marketing

✓ Individuals who have started their email marketing but know there is still a lot to learn

✓ Small business owners looking to understand the power of email marketing done well

✓ Tech-challenged people who need extra support to get them started

✓ Anyone who would like an in-depth walk-through of the MailChimp platform 

Who this is not for

✗ People who don’t see the value in understanding email marketing

✗ Experienced email marketers 

Are you ready to learn how to use email to grow your business online?

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