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Why Doesn’t Your Email Marketing Work?

What does your email marketing campaign look like? If you’re already puzzled by that question, then it could be that you don’t have an email marketing campaign…or any sort of organisation or strategy for using your customer’s inboxes to make connections, build relationships, grow trust and SELL. It’s true that emails help to keep your brand top-of-mind. However, if you’re not planning those emails with a strategy that’s tailored to what your ideal customers really want to know, then you’re...

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Why doesn't your email marketing work?
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Our Top 23 Website Necessities Every Small Business Needs to Include

You never have a second chance for a first impression!

Every type of business needs a website, nowadays having it is a bare necessity. After all, the Internet is where consumers are going to research and make purchases.
But is having any old website enough for a female entrepreneur to build and grow her small business? It's not.

Here are my top 23 website necessities that every small business website needs!

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Leverage the Abundance Factor

Women entrepreneurs have been told for decades that we have to choose: Marriage or Start-Up, Family or Business, Recreation or Success. When in fact, the truth lies in an entirely different place. It turns out that the happier we are in our personal lives, the more productive and profitable our businesses are. How can this be? Well, it turns out that the attitude that causes lots of good things to happen in our lives is the same attitude that promotes success. One area supports the other,...

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How to Write a Marketing Plan

You use lots of different strategies in your business. You predict how much inventory you’re going to need. You’ve chosen your brand’s colours and designed its logo to attract a particular segment and to appeal to your target market. You’ve worked out a strategy for delegating all the tasks necessary for opening your new business…or covering responsibilities as it grows.
And yet, you don’t have a marketing plan.

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7 Ways To Be An Inspiring Leader In Small Business

Those of us who choose to be a small business owner are in some way required to step into leadership, even if we’re not explicitly aware of it. When I quit my corporate career of almost fifteen years as a Consulting Engineer in 2011, it wasn’t because I wanted to become a leader. I had taken on various leadership roles throughout my career and enjoyed the opportunity to lead, support, and inspire others. But I quit my corporate career because I wanted to experience more joy in my work, more...

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Women in Business: Why they Under-Charge

It's an epidemic: Business women are charging too little for their products and services, and as a result, they're over-working themselves just to keep up. Sound familiar? Do you find yourself working extra hours or making financial sacrifices in order to maintain margins? Or do you drop your prices, only to attract the kinds of customers you don't want? Give away your product just to say you've made X amount in sales this month?  These are the people who will...

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Social Media Platforms for your Business

Social media isn't just "social." It can be any business woman's key to reaching her target market and making invaluable business connections. However, it can be challenging to figure out which social media platforms to use—and how to use them to promote your brand. So, without delay, let's get into the different channels and their marketing capabilities. Facebook: This social media giant has the most recognition of all the platforms, as well as the largest demographic range. That means...

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