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Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

You've been told you need a business plan. And even though you're not 100% certain what that is, you're wondering if it's really necessary for your small or micro business in this, the 21st Century. Things aren't as strict as they used to be, right? You've got the plans for your business in your head, and you can send out anything people need with the stroke of a key…instead of submitting some stuffy document, right? Well, I can understand how you might've developed those impressions;...

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Do you Really Need a Business Plan?
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Winner of our First-Prize Scholarship Announced

If you hadn't heard about Fempire's Scholarship Opportunity, then you didn't know we were giving away more than $50,000 worth of education and membership to 31 deserving women. The highest award was worth over $4,000, including a $3,500 scholarship to attend our 3-day Fempreneur Course, as well as 12-month access to our online Fempire Academy. There were also 30 scholarships of $1,100 awarded, along with 12-month access to the online academy (for a total value of $1,688 each). We received...

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You Can LOVE to Sell

How do you feel after scheduling a meeting with a potential client? Do you break out in a cold sweat? Do you think about calling in sick? Or do you resolve, early on, not to worry too much about losing the sale because you're "just not that good at this"? There's a problem—and it's not you. Because you're a woman, most of the things you've been taught about selling don't apply, and that's why it's not working (and the reason you're not enjoying it). Does that mean you're wrong for the job?...

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Creating your Customer Avatar

You're a woman with a start-up. You had a brilliant business idea, and now you're getting all your ducks in a row so you can take it to your town…or the world. Your product has been created. The logo is hot off the presses and you just hired your first employee. Now what? It's time to take it to market, right? Not so fast. You've missed something—something that could be the most important thing your business will create. It's a customer avatar, and without it, you really don't have a...

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Find Your Target Market

Imagine having an entire pool of ideal clients just waiting to hear from you, to interact with your business and to buy from it. As a woman in business, you've probably got lots of friends and associates who are willing to support your work and to spread the word about you. But how many of them are your dream clients? Thank your family and friends for their help, and then set out to find the group of people who have been waiting for a brand just like yours. This group does exist. It's...

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Find Your Target Market

5 Reasons to Grow your Business with the Power of Blogging

You've heard it again and again: You should be blogging. Not only are you unsure about why you need to be blogging, you cannot fathom how other female business owners are using their blogs to drive traffic to their websites…and even creating income for their brands.

We've seen it happen again and again, and have compiled a list of tips and tricks for creating a blog from nothing.

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