Learn the STEPS and STRATEGIES needed to achieve success with marketing and social media

Are you building your own fempire?

We’ve designed this event for women just like you! If you own a business this may be the best gift you give to yourself!  You will learn how to overcome procrastination and find the courage to take ACTION, because you’ll finally understand the STEPS and STRATEGIES needed to achieve success.

HINT: It’s simple when you know how…and we are going to show you HOW!

At Fempire’s Marketing & Social Media Webinar you will learn:


We will teach the key strategies we know work to generate leads utilising simple marketing funnels & automation tools to simplify your already busy life.

Social Media

We’re sharing our secrets! Copy our exact recipe for creating highly converting social media posts to encourage traffic, engagement & sales.


Learn how to work out what to charge for your products and services. How to attract clients that “get you”  and close sales with ease and grace. 


As women we face unique struggles in business. We’ll show you how to identify unconscious conditioning and change your behaviour so that you easily begin to attract the success you deserve. We’ve done this, so we know it works!

As featured in:

Join us and learn how to create a profitable, sustainable business that makes an impact!

If you’re one of the below, Fempire’s Marketing & Social Media Webinar is for you:


Business Owner




Success-obsessed entrepreneurs will discover:


The Top 12 Things Successful Women Do

So you can do them too and stop standing in your own way.


5 Steps to Social Media Success

So you too can kick butt on your social media platforms.


Our Business Mastery Formula

That when followed carefully, will set you up for success.


Marnie LeFevre

Award-Winning Founder of Fempire™,  #1 Bestselling Author, APAC-CEO of the Year – Australia

Marnie LeFevre is a self-made international business woman, leading marketing and brand expert, award-winning entrepreneur, and speaker who is helping other women to achieve the same. Not only has she worked for names like Richard Branson and British Telecom, she has forged a path that is opening a wealth of new possibilities for aspiring female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This is perfect for you if…


You’re thinking about starting a business and you want to get a head start on learning about mindset, marketing, social media and selling.


You have a passion and you’d like to turn it into a profitable side-hustle.


You’ve been in business awhile but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.


You’re ready to start making the money you deserve.

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We’ve helped thousands of fempreneurs achieve business, marketing & social media success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the webinar go?

Allow around 2.5 hours. We’re trying to condense the usual 4 hour in-room experience as much as we can without removing value-packed content.

Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend you have a notebook and pen handy if you’d like to take notes. Marnie will be unpacking lots of fast information (she’s squeezing 4 hours of great content into around 2.5 hours).

Will I need to show my video or have my mic on?

No. Marnie will be the only one on video and mic. Just sit back and be ready to learn!

Will the slide presentation be available afterwards?

Unfortunately no, we don’t send out the slides afterwards. We recommend you have a notebook and pen handy so you can take lots of notes.

Is there a paid offering? Will I still get value from this webinar?

There’s loads of great free content to consume during the webinar. Marnie does offer a way to continue the journey should you wish to, but you’re in no way obligated.

Can I catch the replay?

Unfortunately, we will not be recording it so you will need to show up live.

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