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We’re committed to helping you get your message and work into the world so that you can start making the money and impact you deserve! We believe the world needs more successful female business owners, and we’re committed to making that happen by providing business mentoring and coaching to talented women like you.

Our mission at Fempire is to help you cut through all the noise and focus on what matters when it comes to establishing a profitable, sustainable business.

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A great way to kick-start your business growth is to undertake a 90-minute breakthrough business strategy session with one of our highly qualified Fempire Coaches. Your Coach will work with you to establish easily actionable business strategies that you can get started on straight away. Plus she will assist you to map out a solid, easy-to -follow action plan for your business success.

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Are you ready to join the ranks of successful fempreneurs creating positive change in the world? 




 Introducing the 90-Minute Business Breakthrough Strategy Session 


Get your business moving in the right direction with a private, 90-minute laser focused coaching session with one of our highly qualified Fempire Business Coaches.

Our purpose in this session is to create a business strategy that will allow you to consistently hit your business goals and maximise your chances of successfully building a profitable, sustainable business that you love.

During your 90-minute session we’ll get you crystal clear on the following:

1. Your 12-month and 5-year revenue goals ($/month) and how to achieve them.

2. Identifying your perfect customer and where to find them.

3. What makes your business unique and why people should buy from you.

4. Powerful pricing strategy to ensure you’re charging what you’re worth.

5. Simple marketing and social media strategies you can implement straight away to gain more clients.

6. A 90-day and 12-month Action Plan that includes key milestones and deliverables to get you moving towards achieving the success you deserve.

You’ll receive a detailed Breakthrough Summary Report which includes an action item checklist and timeline to keep you focused and on task for building your profitable fempire!

Are you ready to start making the money and impact you deserve?

Your investment for the 90-minute private session and Business Breakthrough Summary Report is only

$497 AUD
$355 USD

Payment Plan Available.

Find out what our clients are saying…

I really had to write you as today I’m celebrating one year anniversary with Fempire’s program. I look back at what I’ve achieved in the last year and how I almost tripled my sales, paying myself double salary and working on my business and not just in my business with 6 people working for me.

And the best part- my husband was skeptic of choosing this path of business mentoring from the beginning and a year ago I said “I’ll show you the results in numbers, not words” and I did. This morning he admitted it was the right call. It was hard, he choked on it but he did and it feels so good knowing that I invested in my business, got super uncomfortable and look at me now! Still a long way to go but I can only imagine my business in five years from now and it’s going to be everything I ever wanted, and you’re a big part of it.

I love you and I am so grateful ❤️ (tearing up…)

– Revital (Revi) Chai
Managing Director, Paint for Fun

Fempire founder, Marnie LeFevre inspires me to become more every day. I was at a women’s business event when I first heard Marnie speak. Listening to her infectious passion and wisdom I made up my mind – I needed this lady in my life!

Since then Marnie has been my business coach and mentor at Fempire workshops. Her holistic approach to business and passion for women’s growth and success is edifying. Marnie has changed my life on so many levels and has been a core part of my continuing growth and self development. I know Marnie will continue to be a large part of my journey and I am blessed to be able to call her my mentor and friend. 

Karis Harlon
Director, MothersNetwork

Fempire Coach, Kate De Jong has the ability to grow, inspire and motivate you in a nurturing yet also in a professional way. She makes every effort to really know and understand you, your dreams and goals. This builds a very trusting relationship that builds your confidence in the decisions you are making as you build your business. She has the ability to ignite your dreams and is there to cheer you on or pick you right back up when needed.

Thank you Kate.

Angela Caruso
Empowerment Coach for Registered Nurses, CEO & Founder, Lean In Consulting

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“You are never going to get to second base if you keep your foot safely on first.”

— Linda Alvarado – President and Chief Executive Officer of Alvarado Construction

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