Discover How to Get All the Support You Need to Grow Your Business

Fempire delivers a proven system for business success and we’re excited to share it with you now!

Our business coaching programs provide three elements that are critical to your success. The following three elements are woven into your experience with us.

1. Private Coaching.

Fempire is unique because all of our programs offer individual sessions with a powerful female coach. We’ve found that it’s essential that you have a coach who can sit down with you individually and look at the specifics of your particular business and determine a success path for you, taking into account your business goals, your lifestyle and your money objectives.

We support you in making money and making a difference, doing what you love.

2. Marketing and Business Strategy.

There are fundamental skills and strategies you need to learn as a fempreneur, including how to effectively market your business, how to close sales powerfully and authentically, how to manage your finances, how to succeed on social media and how to run your business and organise your time for maximum productivity and profit.

In our coaching programs, we provide in-room and online trainings, workshops and an exclusive online academy to give you the knowledge you need to grow a successful fempire.

3. Community and Support.

We’ve created a large sisterhood of fempreneurs and expert female coaches  who will be there to cheer you on and support you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life.

You don’t have to do this alone! Together we’re stronger and so much more powerful. Plus, it’s more fun to be surrounded by women who understand the unique challenges only women face, because they are facing them as well. 

No other coaching system offers the same level of support, exclusively tailored for women.

Let’s take a look at how we support you…

Fempire’s Private Coaching Program

Perfect for female entrepreneurs who understand more time with their coach means faster results.

You’ll receive focused, results based private coaching, membership to our online training academy and comprehensive business and marketing training with your coach and Fempire’s sisterhood of like-minded female entrepreneurs, who meet each month in-room and online. 

This program is perfect for women who have more advanced businesses (making multiple 6 and 7 figures annually) that are looking for support and strategy as they expand their fempire. It is also for smaller businesses that need more focused support and attention.

Female Entrepreneur Mastery (FEM) Program

Maximise your chances of achieving the success you deserve by joining our popular FEM 12-month Coaching Program.

If you’re serious about doing what it takes to establish a profitable business, within the shortest amount of time, then our FEM Program is ideal for you. You’ll receive monthly private coaching sessions, membership into the Fempire Academy, PLUS you’ll be welcomed into our sisterhood of like-minded female entrepreneurs who meet each month for comprehensive business and marketing training and networking. 

This program is perfect for women in start-ups and businesses with revenues of under 6 figures annually, who want to increase profits and grow their businesses quickly.

Female Entrepreneur Mastery Online Program

Get your business where it needs to be with 12-months of online coaching, intensive training & community support.

The best way to achieve results in your business is to work with a coach consistently over an extended period of time. Our experience has shown that twelve months is the minimum amount of time needed to achieve breakthrough results. This program is guaranteed to get you moving with private coaching every month via Zoom, online academy membership and online live group training and support.

This program is perfect for international, rural and remote fempreneurs, who want to work with a female coach and know they’ll benefit most, from a powerful female focused coaching program.

Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

Arm yourself with a concrete business strategy so you can consistently hit your business goals.

In our one off 90-minute Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, we’ll sit together to develop a concrete 12-month and 90-day action plan to help you maximise your chances of successfully building a profitable, sustainable business that you love.

Not sure which program is right for you? Let’s talk!

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