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Events Praise

Online Praise

– Lisa Brandis

– Kate Martin

– Revi Chai

Praise for the Academy

Fempire has been a lifeline for me. I continue to use it to educate myself in all things business. As a new small business owner I have been inundated with things I should know and do. Finding the right place for this information would have been a nightmare for me. Fempire not only offers you a forum to seek information but advice is always on hand if you’re stuck with something and need further guidance. This I have found invaluable. Being a small business owner can also be lonely, confusing and frustrating but Fempire offers you the opportunity to converse with other likeminded business owners treading the same or similar path. This extended community of brave, knowledgeable and inspiring women keeps you motivated, driven and encourages you to continually believe in yourself and your passion.

– Michelle Brouwer

B,Bus. CPA , Always Accountable

Thank you so much for creating a community of passionate like-minded people. I’ve found the courses on line to be of the highest standard, Marnie shares all of her wisdom with us all in a fun and engaging way. Makes learning marketing enjoyable and of course the training has been invaluable in my own business, taking it to the next level. I recommend the academy to my Reiki students who are wanting to learn the fast way to set up a business that is represented professionally. Thank you.

– Lisa Brandis

Director, Intuitive Reiki International

Thank you Fempire. I really like your Little Secrets & the courses you have on here, they’re so helpful. Bringing back memories of being in room with Marnie & helping me get the most out of the coaching. LOVE what you’re creating here. THANK YOU!

– Tanya Kitto

Director, My Provincial Kitchen  

I love the very clear trainings on specific elements of business that in other course/trainings are often glossed over. For example, understanding why you design you bio in a particular way rather than just being told … “do it like this” … is really helpful because you can adjust what you do to changing circumstances.

– Anonymous

I have taken action since I’ve joined your academy.  My steps might be small but I have measurable goals which is something I’ve never had before!  I am progressing.  My workbook is in the making and nearly all done. Your website is amazing and I plan on taking advantage of the wisdom you have. My next step is breaking down the fear I have and to communicate in a clear and friendly manner to either sell my workshop or/and present my workshop. I look forward to my challenges.

– Pauline Liddiatt

Director, Style On

Feeling very honoured to be able to access the Academy and all the information. Thank you – heart felt appreciation to you all..
– Jan Marie

Well worth joining, I did and the content in the Academy is outstanding. Certainly assisted me to begin my business with great insights and training.

I’ve enjoyed the whole Academy however, the ‘Little Secrets’ and listening to the business women interviews in ‘Women’s Wisdom’ hearing the tips, especially their stories, great inspiration and motivation. I appreciate the course resources and references attached into the practical training of where to go for pics, or images etc. The forum is excellent receiving your guidance and feedback and tips on my business to how I am going.

– Sofia Jordan 

I have learnt so much having access to the Academy!!! Amazing – thank u Fempire xx

– Rhiannon Blackaby

Founder, Wholesome Health Coach

Praise on Coaching

I really had to write you as today I’m celebrating one year anniversary with Marnie’s program. I look back at what I’ve achieved in the last year and how I almost tripled my sales, paying myself double salary and working on my business and not just in my business with 6 people working for me.

And the best part- my husband was skeptic of choosing this path of business mentoring from the beginning and a year ago I said “I’ll show you the results in numbers, not words” and I did. This morning he admitted it was the right call. It was hard, he choked on it but he did and it feels so good knowing that I invested in my business, got super uncomfortable and look at me now! Still a long way to go but I can only imagine my business in five years from now and it’s going to be everything I ever wanted, and you’re a big part of it.

I love you and I am so grateful ❤️ (tearing up..)

– Revital (Revi) Chai

Managing Director, Paint for Fun

My Fempire coach has the ability to grow, inspire and motivate you in a nurturing yet also in a professional way. she makes every effort to really know and understand you, your dreams and goals. This builds a very trusting relationship that builds your confidence in the decisions your are making as you build your business. She has the ability to ignite your dreams and is there to cheer you on or pick you right back up when needed.

Angela Caruso

Empowerment Coach for Registered Nurses, CEO & Founder, Lean In Consulting

My coach serves from the heart as well as the head. She not only nurtures my business goals and dreams but also gives practical advice as to the feasibility of those goals at my present situation. My time with her is so valuable in terms of prioritising my time and effort.

I especially appreciate her timely and wise response to every email and message I send her. I am sure she deals with dozens on a daily basis. In our monthly one to one zoom calls she helps me see through the ‘fog’ with her advice and inspires me to get motivated to take the action needed to achieve the results I want.
The monthly live trainings that come with the coaching package are well planned and explains in depth the ‘insider secrets’ to running not just a successful business but a fulfilling one. Also being with other women (who are sometimes way ahead on the entrepreneurial journey) who want to impact society and make a difference, is enlightening and empowering. Hearing similar struggles and successes as well as listening to the collective wisdom from others is priceless, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur.

My coach gives me the structure and support I need to build up my self confidence and my business acumen to ensure that I can serve my clients with impact. 

– Sharon James

Founder, Rejuvenate Natural Face Lift Massage Centre

The moment I heard Marnie speak at her free workshop here in Perth, I knew she had what I needed to breathe life into me and my business. I signed up there and then. I love the balance between the one-on-one sessions with Marnie and the group workshops. Working closely with Marnie has given clarity to my dreams and structure to my business. The group workshops have given me a chance to grow my confidence with other like minded female entrepreneurs whilst building a network of beautiful business women.

– Keryn Rose

Certified Body Code Practitioner

The thing I love most about my group coaching program is that I get to work with a coach 1:1 each month. I feel my direction, momentum and confidence building after every session. And I really feel that my coach believes in me and what I’m doing, which gives me so much confidence and courage.

If you’re building your own business and you’re not sure whether to invest in the Fempire Group Coaching program – just do it! It’s the best decision I made to grow my business in the right way, to build the right momentum, to have support and confidence in me and the direction I want to go. And being surrounded by like-minded women is also awesome!

– Rhiannon Blackaby

Founder, Wholesome Health Coach

I’ve known Marnie since June 2015 when I started coaching with her. I had been in ‘start up’ mode for a couple of years running workshops, retreats and seeing clients one on one. Through Marnie’s guidance, mentoring and coaching I took my business from $0 to six figures in 12 months. If you are serious about creating a successful business to enable you to impact as many beautiful people as possible, Marnie is the coach for you. You will learn very quickly that she is not your run of the mill business coach, drawing on her intuitive gifts and spirituality, she is the complete package. I would highly recommend Marnie as your business coach.

– Deb Macintyre

Shaman and Personal Brand

I made a decision that has changed my life in so many delightful ways. That decision was to value myself and to engage a business coach. Upon meeting Marnie LeFevre I instinctively knew that I wanted to work with her. It has been amazing. When I started to believe in the gift that I have to offer humanity, when I stopped being afraid of sales and started to see it as helping others, when I valued how much I had already learnt and practiced in my life and work, amazing things started to happen.

What have been the results? This weekend I have just taught my largest ever workshop. When I was concerned, Marnie would address all my fears with solutions. I have just had my largest income month in over 6 years of teaching and my business just keeps growing!If you’re ready for accelerated growth, working out the path of your highest calling, and then being guided on the fast track to success, then I highly recommend you coach with Marnie. I am still loving this journey to self with Marnie and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

– Lisa Brandis

Director, Intuitive Reiki International

When I heard Marnie speak from stage, I was instantly drawn to her casual yet firm perspectives on ‘everything about life as a woman’. I immediately knew I was going to learn and be guided by her; she was going to help me reveal my authentic voice. I had no idea how this was going to happen though in that moment there were fireworks!

When the opportunity arose to coach with Marnie I did not hesitate to take advantage. Within the first two meetings I was revealing more about myself than I ever knew, one epiphany after another. I was being challenged to really listen to my heart and put into action what it was telling me. My homework was as much about the branding of my business as it was about learning how to practice self-love. The value of knowing myself has flowed into my business project and mitigates most hurdles that would have ordinarily risen. I have written an entire self-development program with a creative edge that is gaining the attention of major corporate entities.

I am fulfilling dreams I forgot I had until I met her. I wake every morning knowing why I am alive. Marnie has an extraordinary superpower to help you reveal your true beauty and then share these gifts, otherwise known as a business, with the world.

– Donna Zaffino

CEO, Project Grow

When I first met Marnie I was deeply invested in a start-up business that I had convinced myself I wanted, but my gut was telling me it wasn’t right. So I took a chance and started one-on-one coaching with Marnie to help me find my purpose. After just 2 sessions of Marnie peeling back my layers of self-doubt and delving into the stories of my life that connected with my heart, she helped guide me to what I’ve always truly wanted to do. Marnie is now supporting me as I develop my product with both business advice and a lot of personal growth. My confidence and belief in myself and my business has expanded beyond my imagination in just a few months. I am so excited for what is coming next!
– Vanessa Harris

Marnie LeFevre inspires me to become more every day. I was at a women’s business event when I first heard Marnie speak. Listening to her infectious passion and wisdom I made up my mind – I needed this lady in my life!

Since then Marnie has been my business coach and mentor at workshops. Her holistic approach to business and passion for women’s growth and success is edifying. Marnie has changed my life on so many levels and has been a core part of my continuing growth and self development. I know Marnie will continue to be a large part of my journey and I am blessed to be able to call her my mentor and friend. 

– Karis Harlon

Director, Haven

Kate, you are sincere, patient, kind and knowledgeable. You have tailored each coaching session specific to where I’m at and have been flexible with schedules if necessary. Your approach to coaching is gentle and never rushed. Understanding of processes is paramount and your guidance is exactly what I needed to take the next step in my business progression. The group trainings are a wonderful opportunity to connect with other beautiful women, making friendships and helping each other grow. Having the support and know how of others takes the pressure and procrastination away from needing to figure it out on my own.

I’m loving this journey and am thankful to have found a business coach as genuine as you are. Thank you Kate.

– Andrea Gabriel

Founder & CEO , Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio & Healing Centre  

When I first approached Marnie about coaching me I had a few ideas around what I did and didn’t want to do in a business. In the first session Marnie helped me to consolidate these ideas and determine the actual direction I wanted to go in. Once I’d done this, everything made sense and it was a fairly straightforward, dare I say, easy process of developing my business. As I stand on the cusp of launching the business I am quietly terrified, but I know that Marnie has given me the best possible preparation for what lies ahead. 
Thank you so much.

– Liz Blaxell

Director, In Your Words

I have had two coaching sessions with Marnie to date and the impact that these sessions have had on both myself personally and my business have been incredibly positive. Each session has been full of relevant, helpful, and empowering information which Marnie gives openly and freely. Marnie’s ability to work with me to understand my unique brand and project have been part of the positiveness and usefulness of the coaching which she offers. I leave each session more focused and incredibly excited about the next and am more than happy to attend to the “homework” set. Marnie makes herself available for me at all times between each session. I can highly recommend Marnie and am more than happy to talk with any prospective clients of Marnie.

– Vicki Laws

Director, Vicki Laws Counselling 

Kate is wonderful. She is so supportive and encouraging and knowledgeable. She consistently brings valuable insights and techniques to the way I conduct business and ensures I am accountable for my actions. Kate has transformed my thought processes and the techniques I employ to my business. I now feel in control of the direction I am going in and have implanted into the business the tools required to succeed. Working with Kate has changed the way I think as a female entrepreneur enabling me to put plans in place, which will take both myself and my brand to the next level.

The Fempire Group Training is something I really look forward to each month. The content of the courses provide me with the tools I need to master as an entrepreneur. The delivery is engaging, thought provoking and empowering and after every session l come away re-energized and excited to work on my business. Through the group trainings I have met some wonderful ladies – the group training allows me to be part of a powerful female entrepreneur community of like-minded women that I can relate to. 

Being a part of the Fempire sisterhood stimulates my creativity and innovative thinking through conversing with other female entrepreneurs. It also provides an opportunity for honest feedback in a thoughtful and insightful way. The opportunity to bounce ideas around and practice skills is invaluable. This is something I could not experience working alone.  

– Lauryn Stanlake
Founder & CEO , Lauryn Stanlake Sleep Consultant

I always come out of our sessions happy excited and ready to tackle the next task. I’m taking your advice today about the power of gentleness and sinking into my heart! Thank you for your words and encouragement. If only you knew the impact you have on me! 

– Dr Amy Carmichael
Director, Be Unnumbered Health

Praise on Events

Fempire Free Workshop

I attended Marnie’s seminar last year in Melbourne ready to either stay open or close, after 21yrs in business. I implemented everything she said, and turned my business around. I went from gaining about 10 enquiries per week to over 80. Her kick up the butt is what I needed! I’m so grateful to Marnie for setting up this seminar as it re-focussed me and pushed me further. I will be signing on for more workshops with Marnie, as I can only believe it will take my business even further!
Do this workshop! It has changed my life!
– Colleen Ower

Expose’ Dance Centre

I was so impressed with Marnie. The way she built up the rapport in the room was masterful. She’s so entertaining and I wasn’t expecting to laugh so much!! I really enjoyed the story behind how she got to where she is. I could really relate on so many levels. And she shared so many incredible insights and knowledge, stuff that I could take away and implement in business immediately. And all free! Pure gold! Thank you so much for your giving and generosity, and for your book too. I’m loving ‘Out of the Closet’. 
– Lucy Best

Time well spent listening to someone who is passionate about helping other women learn how to succeed in business. 
– Amanda Liddy

I was not 100% sure on how the day would present. I was very impressed from the very start of the seminar, right through until the end. It is very easy to see the enormous knowledge Marnie has gained through her experiences, as well as the absolute passion she is seeking to share and put back into the development of women. A brilliant seminar, very down to earth and relevant to every woman wanting to step out into business. Marnie has “the nuts and bolts” of business success. Thank you Marnie.
– Carole Griffin

So today I was really blessed to attended a seminar held by one of the most successful female womens business coaches in the world, I learnt so much in just four hours and have left so much wiser about business and self worth in business. #feelingblessed #thankyoumarnielefevre #changingthroughgrowth 
– Candy Daley

Marnie LeFevre, miracle worker. This lady really knows her stuff. I came away motivated and ready to succeed. She passed on valuable marketing information as a sample of what she knows and showed what she can achieve for your business if you are ready to be transformed and elevated. 
– Margaux McDonald

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving your time at the Fempire Event that was available at no monetary cost. To be honest initially I thought four hours was going to be much too long; in fact the timing was perfect. Four hours went by very quickly. I had a fun time and found the session to be very educational. I learnt lots especially during the second half; marketing, branding and selling. I would consider this event to be a valuable gift for all women. I walked away feeling grateful and appreciated all that I learnt. 
– Tania Abela

What a morning! Absolutely loved it and can’t believe how many pages of notes I took and how much knowledge I received! …overload of information to integrate into my sleep tonight for sure. Loved your style Marnie LeFevre met so many amazing women today xxx
– Megan O’Mara

I left the session feeling motivated and clear with the direction I needed to take for my business. Thank you.
– Mary Tsiros

I felt inspired and uplifted by the event. Marine generated a lot of energy in the room and passed it on to the audience. I think that’s why I connected with two other women beside me. Some new kind of belief was instilled. Not sure how or what it was. I also saw marketing in a very clear light even though graphic and multimedia design is my area. Thank you Marnie. I really got a lot out of your event. 
– Linda Dunlop

Just got home from spending the better part of today being empowered by the incredible Marnie LeFevre. Women see and do things so differently, have such self-doubt and fear however, I now have a little bit of clarity to work towards an even better me. #iamwoman #clarity #grateful #outofthecloset
– Chanelle Blair

Thank you very much, Marnie, for the generous gift of your time and expertise yesterday. You are an inspiration. I hope you receive fulfilment from this work, because I imagine that you make a real difference to lots of women everywhere with all that you do.
– Jacie Taylor

I found the session very inspirational and felt a level of support and sincerity from those involved. I can imagine that if I were to launch a business and engaged Fempire it would undoubtedly be successful. They have a winning formula and the drive to see it through. Thank you an enlightening few hours.
– Natalie Wood

Amazing day, loved it and your energy Marnie. So many gold nuggets and for the first time I had clarity with who I want as my target market and why. I also nailed my audio logo during your session and I am now revising my website content and layout. Definitely beneficial when you are open and ready to receive. Marnie I am so grateful for what you shared and I am pumped for what is ahead. Thank you!
– Candy

I had an incredibly empowering day of mentoring, learning valuable life and business lessons with which to immediately implement in my business. Above all it was incredible to be in a room full of women all supporting each other!!! Marnie is incredibly energetic, knowledgeable and so engaging. She’s proof that women really can rule the world!!! #FemaleEmpowerment
– Sonia Chapple


Praise from our youngest entrepreneurs yet! Sisters – Kellie (16) and Abbie (13): 

We are writing to you because we are so excited to tell you that we have officially re branded!!! Our new logo was designed and we re did the website.

We want to say a huge thank you for support and guidance in making this possible. The time we spent with you was incredibly useful, as it helped us solidify our business direction and pathway forward.

Since Fempreneur we have been in busy conversations with Thania; the lady from Indonesia who is employing improvised women to hand knit baby items. Mum has just finished writing the knitting patterns and sent them off to Thania in Indonesia, where she and the ladies are now going to send us a sample of their knitting.

We also have been busy with the creation of our salt soak and coffee scrub, we are just finalising the labels now.
And Abbie has been experimenting with designs for her hand painted covers to go on our journals.

The social media strategy you taught us has been incredible. Through this, we have been able to connect with some beautiful Victorian mothers who have encouraged our business and promoted who we are. We partnered with one lady in a give-away which was so fantastic!!

– Kellie and Abbie

Kellie & Abbie Baby Products

It was great to be part of a group of positive, like minded women. This course gave me a good grounding in how to start my business and work with social media. Marnie and her team are amazing and well organised. Thank you for 3 fantastic days.

– Adriana Huskova

ABRAXAS Concierge Service

I found the Fempreneur Workshop invaluable to my Business moving forward. The workbook is a godsend that I can go back too to refresh my memory on what I need to do and where I want to be, going forward. It has allowed me to be more structured in the steps I need to take, by breaking them down for me. Well worth the investment!! Thank you lovely ladies xx

– Katrina Strange

Highest Good Healing

It completely solidified that I am capable of building my business with the support of Fempire.. Marnie, Kate and Emily made the course fun, informative and a sense of sisterhood. I cant believe I waited 8 months to do this!!!!! Best investment and so excited for the future.  

– Natasha McLarty

The Fempire course helped me to find the confidence to invest in myself and find the clarity I needed to move forward with my business vision. I have a clearer understanding of the steps I need to take to get my business up and running the right way and the understanding and tools I need to market smartly. I feel more confident about my ability to sell my services because I have a stronger belief in how I can really help people with my photography – thank you Marnie and Kate on your encouragement and belief.

Cassidy Chappell

Cassidy Chappell Photography

This course is absolutely amazing, I learnt a lot about myself, my business and have a greater understanding about what it really takes to run a business. The support from everyone is absolutely priceless and I am really grateful I got to be apart of something so special. 

– Natasha Davidson

Until this course I felt like I was wandering aimlessly wondering why I was not getting any traction. This fem course gave me direction, clear goals, how to get there and basically step by step action plan on how to fix the things I haven’t completed to grow my business. I wasn’t ready for it to end. It gave me to much motivation to jump in and get going! The course book is now my bible and I can’t wait for my next coaching call with Marnie to build on all the new things I learnt in the 3 day course. I’m still buzzing from it.

– Bec Dreyer

To say Marnie LeFervre’s workshop has changed my life would be an understatement… I know what you’re thinking – how could 3 days change your life?? Marnie has a message and it’s clear once you allow yourself to receive it. The words – Thank you don’t seem to be enough – With Marnie, there is no sugar coating, just a distinct message of awareness and vulnerability, coupled with some amazing business tools. The workshop gave me everything I was expecting and so much more!! Thank you Marnie for starting me on this journey and I can’t wait to continue it with you!! 

I’m finding it difficult to put into words just how grateful I am to have seen your Facebook event and everything that’s happened until this point and in the future.  You truly are an inspirational, generous and super smart woman!   

Thanks again (although thanks just doesn’t seem enough)
– Kylie Heath

New friendships made, enlightened, inspired and grateful. I have had the privilege of spending three days with some beautiful Fempreneurs and this gorgeous lady Marnie LeFevre.
– Tracey Kilbride

Beautiful, beautiful Marnie…You are a strong, empowering, inspiring woman, who shares so much of yourself to strengthen and teach others. Money couldn’t buy your commitment to us, even before the three days began. You were there for each of us, giving us the time we needed when we needed it. Thank you for teaching us, holding space for us, guiding us, loving us and making us cry. But more importantly, thank you for empowering us and changing our lives forever! You have turned my life around in three days – hell, you did it the first day, before morning tea. That’s impressive. I am truly grateful and blessed. And thank you doesn’t seem adequate.

– Robyn Martin

I believe I was purely guided to attend Marnie’s free workshop. That led me to do the 3-day training and I haven’t looked back. It was the best decision & investment I made for my future.
– Gordana Marriott

Looking back I honestly feel like I have winged the last two years of business and grown my client base out of pure luck and maybe a little bit of being good at hairdressing too! At the beginning of this year I didn’t have much motivation to keep going and considered selling or shutting up shop but then I said to myself no I love hairdressing, I love my wee shop, I love making people feel beautiful, I love deciding my own work hours and taking holidays when I want! I love working for myself! I love making money! So I set out to find myself some motivation and make shit happen, I wanted direction and guidance and inspiration, I wanted girl power and then there was Marnie LeFevre! Then in no time at all I’m in a room with all these amazing strong women in business like me! THANK THE UNIVERSE!! I feel so grateful!
– Krissy Erdelyi

It’s been a massive three days of training in Perth, learning far more than I ever thought I would from this beautiful and amazing lady, Marnie LeFevre. Can’t wait to come back for more!
– Stephanie Vaughan

Thank you certainly doesn’t feel enough Marnie. What you have allowed me to receive is absolutely priceless. I am oh so grateful to have been able to be part of this experience. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you x
– Tanya Kitto

I’d like to share with everyone my experience from last weekend. I’m not sure whether it’s Perth air – because Perth is awesome!! Each and every one of you ladies were connected, communicated, kind and authentic. It was an absolute pleasure to be amongst you all and I have the deepest gratitude to Marnie, Emily and Kate for creating such a beautiful space. Thank you all for your love and support.
– Andrea Gabriel

Thank you for doing what you do. I got exactly what I needed and so much more. I now have the tools to take my business and my passion to the next level. It’s been a great 3 days with a fantastic group of women.
– Sonya Lee

I absolutely loved the course. I found it confronting in regards to myself & a lot of deep soul thinking. Even my partner noticed how different I was every night after the course, he said he could see a massive change in me in regards to how I had been feeling prior to the course & that it was obviously doing something good for me & was happy I had attended. I’ve already started putting things into place & looking forward to my future & bringing my 5 year vision into reality. Thank you Marnie & thank you Emily & thank you Fempire!
– Anonymous

Fempire is finally here to help us to win, grow and be supported in business. I now know the tools I need to begin in business. It is no longer a man’s world!
– Anonymous

I really needed help to get a handle on my marketing and it certainly helped me to do that. The program over-delivered! Wonderful! So glad I committed myself to this opportunity. Highly recommend it. 

– Kylie Pett

Owner/Operator, Exemplar Documents

Anyone who is just about to venture into a business, this course is an absolute must as it carves a clearer pathway to make the journey easier. Think of it as your yellow brick road. When you are ready to learn and grow the teacher will turn up. Fempire certainly was given to me by the universe as I was ready to embrace my growth. It’s never too late to do this course even if you have been running a successful business like I had for the past 20 years. I’ve learnt a lot and I have so much work to do to relaunch and propel my business into the next phase. Thank you Fempire xx
– Anonymous

Speaking with Confidence

Believe in yourself and be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable it is so worth it! 

Speaking with confidence workshop with Marnie LeFevre was fantastic. I didn’t attend the course 6 months ago because I was worried I wouldn’t be good enough and would be intimidated by women so much more successful and better than me. I was so wrong! It was the most beautiful nurturing space you could be in. Be willing to get a little uncomfortable, the rewards far outweigh your fears.

– Rebecca Hannan

Coach, Kaizen Wellness

I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone this weekend. I have been pushed to the brink, and made to realise amazing things. Public speaking is one of my deepest fears, and something I’ve been very good at avoiding. I’ve spent 3 days with the ever talented Marnie LeFevre learning to speak from the stage with confidence. I hated it because I was so uncomfortable, but I will never regret doing it. The start of a new adventure. Lesson of the day, if you have a fear, face it. And do it with gusto. Don’t let fear be a weakness, make it a strength.

– Katrina Treanor

Business Support Specialist

Would you please let Marnie know that this workshop has helped me in many ways. I have since spoken at a conference at the Crown Casino for Science research and I entered a 3MT competition (this is where researchers have 3 minutes to pitch their 30 000 word thesis. In a creative way! ) I am pleased to say that I am now in the Grand Final this Wednesday. Regardless of the outcome I am thankful to Marnie for the confidence she has helped me to find with public speaking.

– Julie Sartori

School of Medical and Health Sciences | Edith Cowan University

When I registered for the Speaking with Confidence workshop, I was looking into learning how to share my personal story with people confidently. Marnie dug deep to get my story out and during this time, a lot of other stuff came up. Marnie covers every aspect of public speaking from branding, how to craft your story, being confident as a speaker and so on. This workshop delivered beyond my expectations! The whole experience didn’t just develop me as a speaker in short time, but it also gave me a safe environment to begin my healing journey. You could go elsewhere if you wish to learn to be an influential speaker, but if you want to tell your story in an authentic way and touch others and make a difference to their lives, then you will be sorry if you do not choose the Speaking with Confidence workshop with Marnie LeFevre.

– Norita C.O.

Founder and Speaker | Strive and Thrive

Awesome course! Cannot remember the last time I had such an amazing experience and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible, life-changing event. 

– Annette Stanton

Executive and Business Coach

Secrets to Selling

I attended “Secrets to Selling” in September 2018 in Melbourne. I came to this training with a lot of bad experiences as a sales person and was hoping to break old concepts of hard selling from my past, where I thought I was to manipulate and push a person until I received what I wanted – their money. Marnie definitely broke those old habits and beliefs around hard selling. One-by-one, she gave me a whole new perspective about “helping people with my services” instead of seeing my potential clients as walking dollars. Respecting myself and choosing who I wanted to work with. We received a comprehensive workbook that I use still today, breaking down the selling process to practical steps. My favourite part was the psychology of decision making and different personality types, this gave me a whole new approach to what makes people tick and how I can use cleaver and sophisticated approaches to selling my services and products. We got to practice these methods on each other in all aspects of selling – email marketing, social media, in person, over the phone etc, so I felt it was very practical, down to earth and achievable.

I now use the methods and methodologies in my everyday practice at my business as part of my selling and marketing processes. I’m definitely getting better at it each day, making more sales and growing my business! I’m now able to elaborate and adapt what I’ve learned in the training to serve my own business needs and it feels great helping people. No more sizzle sale talks for me! 

– Revital (Revi) Chai

Partner, DYA Australia

We were shown a step by step system to selling that was simple and easy to understand. I wish I’d had this information years ago! 

– Adelle Turner

This course has changed how I see selling. I feel more confident now because I have a road map to work with. In fact, I used the formula with a client while I was at the course and closed them over the phone! If you struggle with sales then I HIGHLY recommend this course. 

– Pauline Howard

I hated selling before this course. Now I feel empowered. Loved every minute. Thank you Fempire for doing this for women.

– Penny Williams

Beautiful You

There really are no words.
– Anna P

Of all the courses I’ve done with Marnie, this is the one that changed my world.
– Pauline L

I loved everything about it and learned so much about myself. I think I’m finally ready to accept that the only person stopping me is, me.
– Anne-Marie R

The time I spent with beautiful souls in this workshop was a gift. I met so many amazing, vulnerable, powerful women and shared so many special moments with them. I felt safe and supported and blessed to be there.
– Jana N

Bali Retreat

The Bali retreat was a brilliant blend of business building and simply having fun. I really got to know some beautiful ladies and some amazing cocktails. I also had the opportunity to work on different aspects of running of my business, to share ideas over some stunning food and be part of some divine conversations all whilst being surrounded by the peace and serenity of Bali.

– Keryn Rose

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Attending this retreat was a gift I gave myself to get clear and focused on the bigger picture. I have so many joyful moments spent with such a beautiful group of smart- savvy business women, who after this delightful week are now really great friends. Organised well and supported totally on my first trip to Bali. Highly recommend this experience totally worth the investment and the opportunity it’s given me to expand.

– Lisa Brandis

Director, Intuitive Reiki International

I have just returned from spending 5 glorious, unforgettable, life changing days with Marnie and her team at the Fempire Retreat in Bali. WOW what an experience and for anyone thinking about attending next year…. JUST GO!!!! Thanks to the beautiful Kate De Jong I was extended an invite and for that I am eternally grateful. I have only been home 2 days but I keep reminiscing over the pool, the cocktails and of course Marnie’s unwavering advice on being an entrepreneur.

Who says women can’t rule the world!!! In 6 unforgettable days, these beautiful strangers have opened their hearts and now turned into lifelong friendships. The power of females embracing entrepreneurship, the desire in helping other women to live the life of their dreams and most of all the support and belief towards each other. Yes we all have the opportunity. Sad to be leaving yes BUT…. I am so incredibly excited to squeeze my family so tight and continue on this life changing journey. 

Natasha McLarty

Praise on Online Events

Fempire Free WebEvent

Today I am going to mark this day as ‘a New Beginning for my Company’; Materialise……

Today Kate generously introduced me to Fempire by inviting me to join the workshop with the effervescent amazing emotive Marnie (business founder and creator of Fempire) as the speaker today. WOW…..!

Blow me down with less than a little tiny duck down feather.…! And they are small with no stick or backbone (I know I’m in the fabric and furnishings industry).

The things Marnie spoke of initially reaffirmed that I wasn’t a loser after all (Yay!) There was a list of things I HAD done in my business in the past which have made it a success….

But isn’t hindsight such a beautiful and valuable thing ladies….? $$$$$$

Marnie spoke of things that I haven’t implemented and this explained why I was where I was at this moment in time… Not only did it make me realise that Marnie knew what she was REALLY talking about but more importantly it made my FEAR and the depressed part of me dissipate more than just a little for the first time in ages, even before Covid became a thing…

I actually felt HOPE…!

I have known for a while now that I needed something or someone or ‘some’ divine intervention to show me what ‘The Fork’ I needed to do…

I knew I was trying my best, working my hardest, had everything on the line but still, I was failing my very self… (and my daughter as I am a single parent). I have given and forfeited so much for my business, I have tried my hardest but yet, I still struggle to survive…. Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkk!!!!! (As Bridget Jones would say….)

I have many, many loyal and genuine clients who visit my business and generally want my success. In fact, the thought of my business not being around and successful is a wretched thing to them. Yet still, success and financial fulfilment evades me.

It wasn’t until Kate’s son Jack sat in the back of my car recently as I drove him home after a play date with my daughter that I asked him what his mum did for her work. And he proudly explained in detail that his mum was a business coach for women for a company called Fempire…

My ears totally pricked up and here we are right now…

Synchronicity in absolute motion…

I asked the universe to provide… And as always, here it is today… Providing me with Fempire and the opportunity to become a fempreneur… (sorry if the spelling is wrong) But I am so happy… I have worked since I was 8 years old to make this happen and be a thing and now I confidently know it will be…

This is what I call a fuck yeah moment ladies…
Please excuse my French.

– Sophie Strohmeier

Loved the webinar!! It had me thinking about where I am in my journey of entrepreneurship. I ended up in tears when realising how much I am floundering at the moment. Look forward to working with coaches to realise my dream!

– Carol Draper

Fempire is amazing! I learnt so much from these beautiful ladies in their Social Media and Marketing webinar today. I am really looking forward to joining more of your webinars in the future.
Thank you so much Marnie for your time and for hosting this. Your energy is infectious

– Cassandra Gerbert

Just spent an awesome 2 hours with Marnie from Fempire learning about social media marketing. if you see her webinars pop up do yourself a favour and opt-in and show up, very informative, thank you, Marnie.

– Michelle Davis

Marnie is amazing, inspiring and wonderfully engaging. I can’t wait to join her tribe and grow Bespoke Acquiring & Styling! Thank you Fempire!

– Emma Mungavin

Bespoke Acquiring & Styling

Thank you so much! I was so inspired to stop procrastinating and take the dive into a business I have worked on for two years. As a single mum with very little I will be using the tools I learnt today to get started I’m so excited.
Thank you

– Shende Marie

I watched tonight’s webinar and it was full of amazing learnings and light bulb moments. Life and business changing stuff. Thank you so much for this invaluable insight. I am so much clearer on the path ahead.

– Natalie Miller

Fempreneur Online

I’m so grateful and appreciative to have been part of the 6-week Fempreneur course. So much knowledge and wisdom was shared. I felt supported and inspired by Marnie Lefevre, and the coaches Kate and Samantha. I also felt supported by the ladies who did the course alongside me. I’m looking forward to next year learning and being part of the mastery Fempire course. Thanks again

– Tania Cartwright Abela

I had the opportunity to be part of the Fempreneur course. It’s definitely value for money and a very intensive course. I got clarity and built my confidence. I’m already implementing the advice in my business. I’m looking forward to the 12 months Mastery Coaching with Marnie and her team to take my business to the next level. Highly recommended

– Alejandra Abondano

As someone starting out in business I’ve found Fempire invaluable as marketing and sales are completely new to me. Fempreneur was a fantastic crash course in what to do to be successful. The training is accessible, and the coaches approachable, knowledgeable and supportive. You also get lots of handy hints and resources to help you along the way. The sisterhood you experience is a bonus and makes you feel you are not in it alone. I’m now in the 12-month program and getting lots of value from that too.

– Susanne Le Boutiller

Absolutely brilliant course. It helped to bring together lots of the different aspects of my business I’ve been working on into one “blueprint” for my business. I love that it helped me to get really clear on my purpose, vision and values and gave me the tools to grow my business. I really enjoyed the online course structure for content, combined with group online and in-person workshops and one-on-one coaching. Very practical tools, resources and strategies that can be implemented straight away! It was definitely money well spent!

– Sharon Gleeson

I’ve just completed the 6-week Fempreneur course and it has been the most insightful journey to take my business to the next level. I feel empowered in taking the next necessary steps due to the wealth of information and support of all the coaches. Fempire has been the best investment. It is truly priceless, and you get more bang for your buck!

These women have your back and it is the support network every woman needs. I’m just blown away by how helpful and passionate they are about female entrepreneurship. Thank you for believing in me and my dream. Here’s to taking it next level over the next year and more.

– Sanjukta Glentworth

“Whatever it is that you think you want to do, and whatever it is that you think stands between you and that, stop making excuses. You can do anything.”

— Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder of Birchbox

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