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Are you ready to add your name to a group of successful women entrepreneurs inspiring change?

At Fempire we exist to support you in doing just that through business coaching, in-room and online training and a sisterhood for success.

We are a female focused brand and we make no apology for it.
We believe women do business differently, run our lives differently and learn differently, and that needs to be embraced, not suppressed when supporting women to succeed.

We also believe the only people who can truly understand this are other women, which is why all of our coaches are female.

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At Fempire we understand that women are at different stages in their businesses.
Some may be looking to up-skill in a particular area of business or marketing, whilst others may be looking to learn and grow in many areas of entrepreneurship and need continuous support and a sisterhood along the way.

This is where our low cost, high value Membership Academy comes in.
You can invest in an individual course, or join Fempire Academy and access a full suite of courses and online training, plus gain support and advice from female CEO’s and experts in our exclusive forum and private Facebook group.

Live Workshops

There is something that feels exciting about learning with other women entrepreneurs and being immersed in a sisterhood of women that just “get it”.

Fempire has a number of free and paid in room workshops that support you in gaining the knowledge you need to succeed quickly, whilst avoiding painful costly mistakes, as you learn to grow a successful, sustainable business.

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Praise from Members

Kate De Jong, Fempire Coach for Perth WA

Since becoming a Fempire Coach, I’ve grown exponentially and I’ve had the privilege of working with so many talented, heart-centred women. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to finally focus on what I love – the coaching. It’s a beautiful thing to work with a team with whom you share a common vision – to empower women worldwide to unleash their gifts and thrive as successful business owners so they can make a difference doing what they love – and to have the gift of working with beautiful, powerful women each and every day. If you’re ready to grow and expand exponentially and to be surrounded by powerful, inspirational women, then Fempire is for you.”

Lisa Brandis, Director of Intuitive Reiki International

“Thank you so much for creating a community of passionate like-minded people. I’ve found the courses on line to be of the highest standard, Marnie shares all of her wisdom with us all in a fun and engaging way. Makes learning marketing enjoyable and of course the training has been invaluable in my own business, taking it to the next level. I recommend the academy to my Reiki students who are wanting to learn the fast way to set up a business that is represented professionally. Thank you.”

Pauline Liddiatt, Director of Style On

“I have taken action since I’ve joined your academy.  My steps might be small but I have measurable goals which is something I’ve never had before!  I am progressing.  My workbook is in the making with Fiverr nearly all done. Your website is amazing and I plan on taking advantage of the wisdom you have. My next step in breaking down the fear I have and to communicate in a clear and friendly manner to either sell my workshop or/and present my workshop. I look forward to my challenges.”

Sofia Jordan

“I’ve enjoyed the whole Academy however, the ‘Little Secrets’ and listening to the business women interviews in ‘Women’s Wisdom’ hearing the tips, especially their stories, great inspiration and motivation. I appreciate the course resources and references attached into the practical training of where to go for pics, or images etc. The forum is excellent receiving your guidance and feedback and tips on my business to how I am going.”

Jan Marie

“Feeling very honoured to be able to access the Academy and all the information. Thank you – heart felt appreciation to you all.”

Angela Caruso, Empowerment Coach for Registered Nurses, CEO & Founder of Lean In Consulting

“Kate has the ability to grow, inspire and motivate you in a nurturing yet also in a professional way. She makes every effort to really know and understand you, your dreams and goals. This builds a very trusting relationship that builds your confidence in the decisions your are making as you build your business. She has the ability to ignite your dreams and is there to cheer you on or pick you right back up when needed.
Thank you Kate.”

We Exist to Support You to Succeed.

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Be the Change You Want to See.

Fempire is the brain child of our Founder and CEO, Marnie LeFevre. Marnie fundamentally believes, and has proved, women can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds to; the only thing stifling their potential, is an overly dominant and outdated masculine way of doing things in business, that doesn’t support the way women achieve, run their lives or lead.
Things had to change, so Fempire was born.