Turning 10 Common Sales Objections into a Yes as a Female Business Coach


As a business coach focused on empowering women entrepreneurs, you’re dedicated to helping your clients achieve their goals and turn their dreams into reality. Yet, in the journey of guiding these dynamic entrepreneurs, you’re likely to encounter objections that may seem like roadblocks to progress. 

These objections, however, can be navigated with the right approach and tailored strategies. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 sales objections commonly faced by business coaches when working with women entrepreneurs and how to effectively manage them.

1. “I can’t afford coaching right now.”

Strategy: According to CoachHub.com, Emphasise the Return on Investment (ROI). Highlight how your coaching can lead to increased revenue, improved business strategies, and a stronger brand presence. Offer flexible payment plans or packages that align with their budget.

2. “I’m not sure coaching will work for me.”

Strategy: Provide case studies and success stories of other women entrepreneurs who have benefited from your coaching. Offer a trial session or a discounted initial package to showcase the tangible impact of your guidance.

3. “I’m too busy to commit to coaching sessions.”

Strategy: Emphasise the time-saving benefits of coaching. Show how your tailored strategies can help them manage their time more efficiently and achieve their goals without burnout.

4. “I’ve tried coaching before, and it didn’t work.”

Strategy: Address their previous negative experiences. Show how your coaching approach is different and personalised to their needs, with a focus on measurable outcomes.

5. “I’m not confident in my abilities.”

Strategy: Highlight your role as a mentor and advocate. Discuss how your coaching can boost their self-confidence, provide actionable strategies, and help them overcome self-doubt.

6. “My industry is unique; coaching won’t apply to me.”

Strategy: Showcase your industry expertise. Share success stories from women entrepreneurs in similar industries who have benefited from your guidance and adapted your strategies.

7. “I need to consult with my family before making a decision.”

Strategy: Address their concerns about involving their family. Share stories of women entrepreneurs who gained their family’s support after experiencing positive changes due to coaching.

8. “I’m not ready to take the leap.”

Strategy: Focus on their vision and long-term goals. Discuss how coaching can help them plan and take strategic steps towards realising their dreams, making the transition less daunting.

9. “I’ve always done things my way; coaching isn’t necessary.”

Strategy: Highlight the benefits of an outsider’s perspective. Explain how fresh insights and strategies can enhance their business’s growth potential.

10. “I’m uncertain about committing to a long-term coaching relationship.”

Strategy: Offer a shorter-term coaching package. Show how even a focused coaching engagement can lead to significant breakthroughs and provide a solid foundation for future growth.

Empowerment Through Objection Management

As a business coach working with women entrepreneurs, addressing objections is a critical part of your role. Each objection is an opportunity to demonstrate the value and impact of your coaching. By understanding their concerns and customising your responses, you can build trust, inspire confidence, and guide these dynamic entrepreneurs toward their goals. Remember, the journey to success is a partnership, and your ability to manage objections will strengthen that partnership and create lasting results.

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As a business coach working with women entrepreneurs, addressing objections is a critical part of your role.

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