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“Becoming a Fempire Coach is the best decision I’ve made…”

 Becoming Fempire Coach is the best decision I’ve made in my coaching career so far. I quit my corporate career of 15 years in 2011 and decided to branch out on my own as a Coach. I re-trained, got myself certified and ventured into the brave new world of entrepreneurship. And while I’d spent years honing the craft of coaching, no one told me how hard it would be to actually develop all the entrepreneurial skills that it takes to establish yourself as a successful business. After trying many different mentors and burning tens of thousands of dollars on programs and online courses, I finally found Fempire Founder, Marnie LeFevre in early 2018. She helped me turn my business around and to finally establish myself as a successful coach. And when the opportunity arose to work as one of her Fempire Coaches, I jumped on it straight away. 

Since becoming a Fempire Coach, I’ve grown exponentially and I’ve had the privilege of working with so many talented, heart-centred women. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to finally focus on what I love – the coaching. It’s a beautiful thing to work with a team with whom you share a common vision – to empower women worldwide to unleash their gifts and thrive as successful business owners so they can make a difference doing what they love – and to have the gift of working with beautiful, powerful women each and every day. If you’re ready to grow and expand exponentially and to be surrounded by powerful, inspirational women, then Fempire is for you.

– Kate De Jong
Fempire Coach, WA

“I get to coach amazing women and see them achieve incredible results…”

When I received an email about becoming a Fempire Coach in my inbox it was one of those defining moments. This was it. Now or never. I felt sick with excitement and fear all at once. I was afraid of what people would say. I was afraid that I would be rejected. I was afraid that I would not be good enough to realise my dream.

What I know is that if the dream is real, if the desire is strong enough, nothing will stop you. So on that day, with trembling fingers, I replied to that email and hit send and I’ve never looked back.

Since becoming a Fempire Coach I feel like everything I learned in 16 years of small business and a Bachelor’s Degree are nothing compared to the growth I have experienced in the past 18 months.

The connection I have with the other Coaches is extraordinary. We come from all walks of life and yet Marnie has managed to assemble a team of puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. We enjoy honesty, collaboration and support far beyond any “workplace” I know.

We are spread far and wide across Australia and yet we are there for each other 24/7.

If you have seen Marnie speak you may have heard her say, choose your wizards wisely, well I found my wizards! Supremely intelligent and humble women that lift me up every day.

I also get to coach amazing women and see them achieve incredible results with their businesses. I’m truly living my dream and have found my calling.

Becoming a Fempire Coach can feel frightening, maybe the people closest to you won’t think it’s a good idea – my husband didn’t – but know this, if this is your dream, if this calls you then don’t let it go.

You will be welcomed with open arms, you will learn, teach, laugh and cry. Your heart will be full every single day.

– Samantha Morris
Fempire Coach, VIC

“I have been amazed by the robust and comprehensive Fempire framework…”

Since starting my Fempire Coaching business at the start of 2021, I have been amazed by the robust and comprehensive Fempire framework that is the foundation of my entire business. From the very beginning, I was stepped through the process by Marnie, who has never been too busy to answer my questions or support me in my challenges. She is also incredibly supportive and really celebrates every small win with me.

As a new coach, I was nervous about figuring out ‘how’ to optimise my operations and ensure that I didn’t miss any key elements in the setup stage of my business. Marnie and the Fempire team have been with me each step of the way to make sure I build solid foundations that will mean I have a sustainable business in the long term.

Having the support of a master coach, as well as the sisterhood of coaches to lean on and collaborate with, have made my first six months feel exciting and fun, even when challenges or obstacles have arisen.

I am more confident, more supported and more accountable as a business owner and as a coach than I would have been if I went it alone, and I look forward to the future more and more each day.

– Treah Knight
Fempire Coach, VIC

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“Whatever it is that you think you want to do, and whatever it is that you think stands between you and that, stop making excuses. You can do anything.”

— Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder of Birchbox

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