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Passion or Obsession: How to Thrive When Building Your Dream Business

Are you passionate about what you do? You’ve probably heard me talk about pursuing your passion—how in order to be a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, or brand builder…you’re going to have to know your WHY and you’re going to have to be passionate about what you’re doing. But is that really enough? In my experience, passion will give you the courage to take that first step, but may not always be enough to keep pushing forward...

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Meet Nicole: When Walking Your Truth Seems Impossible and Then You Get Your Dream Job

Hi there! I'm Nicole.  Overachiever, step parent, nerd and newest member of the Fempire HQ team! I am a proud LGBTQI+ advocate, passionate about women’s empowerment and a massive proponent of living your truth. I am also a trans woman.  I believe there is nothing more damaging to your performance in both your professional and personal life than lying to yourself about who you are and what you want. Living Your Truth But what does it mean to "live your truth"?  It sounds...

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The newest member of the Fempire team, Nicole.
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How to Quickly Grow Your Business with 90 Day Goals

Ninety day goals bring laser focus to the most important next steps in your business, over and over again. Those of you running your own business know how important planning and goal setting are to your success. We see it time and time again with our clients: Those who plan, set goals and follow through on their goals, succeed. Those who don’t plan and set goals end up failing. It’s as simple as that. But not all goals are effective at driving progress and success in your business. The sweet spot for goal setting, without a doubt, is 90 days...

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Meet our Newest Fempire Certified Coach, Angie Giltner!

My name is Angie Giltner - I’m an expert Fempire Certified Master Coach, author, business growth queen, and trailblazer! The most important thing to know about me is this - I’m success obsessed, and max level passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs who want to attract their ideal customer and grow their businesses to the next preferred level! 

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Women’s Intuition: Using it to be a Better Business Leader

In traditional business, we are expected to be analytical and rational. Whereas intuition, particularly a woman's, is often touted as mythical or ‘woo-woo’. It’s for this reason that following your instincts is often frowned upon when it comes to making business decisions. However, more and more women are coming to the forefront of leadership and our intuition is what differentiates us from our male counterparts.

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