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Empowering Women in Remote Work: Exploring the IWD 2024 Theme “Inspire Inclusion”

Every March 8th, the globe comes together to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD). An occasion devoted to acknowledging women's achievements in social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. This year's campaign theme, "Inspire Inclusion," carries a profound message that transcends merely a day of festivity. It serves as a rallying call. Urging us to foster a world where every woman, irrespective of her background. Identity, or situation, feels appreciated, empowered, and actively...

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Celebrating womens day, making a herat shape post for IWD 2024 Theme 'Inspire Inclusion.

Empowered Women Leading the Future: The Power of Female Change-Makers

In recent years, a growing movement towards gender equality and women's empowerment has propelled more women into leadership roles across various industries. According to Harvard Business Review, women are actively breaking through barriers and leaving their mark as powerful, effective leaders. This article explores the bright future for women in leadership and the factors driving this shift. One key factor involves the evolving social and cultural attitudes towards empowered women in the...

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Three empowered women smiling, holding a coffee cup inside their office.
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Turning 10 Common Sales Objections into a Yes as a Female Business Coach

As a business coach focused on empowering women entrepreneurs, you're dedicated to helping your clients achieve their goals and turn their dreams into reality. Yet, in the journey of guiding these dynamic entrepreneurs, you're likely to encounter objections that may seem like roadblocks to progress.  These objections, however, can be navigated with the right approach and tailored strategies. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 sales objections commonly faced by business coaches...

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Meet Gem, from Inspired to Inspiring Others as the Newest Member of the Fempire Team

Hi, My name is Gertie.  I’m the newest member of the Fempire HQ Team. I am a Filipino Virtual Assistant from the Davao City, Philippines. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management within Business Administration. For nearly three years, I've served as an Administrative Virtual Assistant. Expert in providing administrative support, social media management, graphic designing, digital marketing, and customer service to clients across different industries.  While in college,...

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The Filipino Virtual Assistant
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5 Important Tips for Planning Your Retirement as a Female Business Owner

Running a thriving business is a fulfilling achievement for many women, granting them independence, accomplishment, and financial stability. However, amidst the demands of entrepreneurship, female business owners often overlook a critical aspect: retirement planning. Neglecting this crucial step can lead to financial insecurity in later years. This article explores five crucial retirement planning tips designed for female business owners, ensuring a financially secure future. It is...

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Office worker woman saving her money into the piggy bank for retirement.

The Top 3 Project Management Skills Every Female Entrepreneur Should Master

Mastering project management skills is a cornerstone for success in any entrepreneurial endeavor, especially for female business owners. If you've ever orchestrated complex events or juggled multiple responsibilities, you already possess the foundation to excel as a Project Manager. In this article, we'll delve into the top three essential skills. Every female entrepreneur should cultivate to ensure project success and drive their ventures forward. What is a project? Look up “project”...

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Women writing in the whiteboard, conducting a meeting.
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How to create truly amazing hashtags so your business is quickly found

Mastering the art of creating impactful hashtags for a your business is a vital skill in today's digital landscape. Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, hashtags remain a potent tool for enhancing online visibility and engagement. They enable businesses to be easily discovered, connect with ideal customers, and drive traffic. In this article, we'll debunk the myth that hashtags are obsolete and explore how they can be a game-changer for your business. Hashtags remain a powerful social media...

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One hand holding a hashtag symbol with yellow background.
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5 Hot Tips to Close Clients Without Even Trying

A sales pitch without a solid close is a lot like a jar without a lid, the offer is wasted before it can be handed over. You've probably heard and seen a myriad of expensive sales courses offering secrets to closing, or pop culture references to "the closer". That mysterious sales rep that seems to have a super power for making prospective customers eat out of their hands. But closing a sale isn't magic! In fact, with a little practice and trust in your intuition, it's not even difficult....

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A business woman walking in the street holding a folder.

Is Your Period Effecting Your Productivity?

If you are anything like me they are.  Over the years, I observed that the stage of my monthly cycle directly affects my productivity. The frustrating thing is that it feels like yet another thing I have to deal with, impacting my chances of success in business. This is mostly because our work system is set up without accounting for women and their menstrual cycles. It feels like a weakness and I’m sure it is judged as one by men and many women. I admit I’m even a little embarrassed as I...

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Picture of a woman touching her stomach due to menstruation.

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