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Fempire & the Women|Future Conference

We are all familiar with the adage "if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people". But professional events for female entrepreneurs can be hard to come by. Which is why, when the opportunity arose for Fempire to partner with an event that champions female thought and business leaders we jumped at the chance! Commencing since 2002. The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business has grown to over 1500 nominees from over 70 nations (of which we are extremely proud to be a...

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Faces of women in business.
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Eight Benefits to a Flexible Working Space, Could it be Right for You?

Working from home is not a new concept to most people.  It has been the go-to method of a work space for entrepreneurs and freelancers for years. It is in fact one of the most attractive things about owning your own business. There are a lot of benefits. Whether that’s being able to wear your pyjama bottoms to a meeting. Feeling comfortable in your own home, unlimited pet time or saving on expenses. But it is not all roses and sunshine. There are some drawbacks that come with...

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Three hard working women sitting in their office table. Working with their own laptop.

Meet Our New Generation of Fempire Certified Coaches

The inaugural live training for our newly launched Certified Coach Program has concluded. Yielding remarkable women on their path to becoming exceptional Fempire Certified Business Coaches. Being the world's number one business coaching brand for women. Fempire unapologetically ensures that our certified coaches align with our vision and values. This assurance ensures that the business coaching provided to women is not only empowering. But also remarkably meaningful for their clients....

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Newly launched Certified Coach Program has wrapped up and produced some outstanding ladies that are on their way to becoming incredible Fempire Certified Coaches.

Meet Nicole: When Walking Your Truth Seems Impossible and Then You Get Your Dream Job

Hi there! I'm Nicole.  Overachiever, step parent, nerd and newest member of the Fempire HQ team! A proud LGBTQI+ advocate, passionate about women’s empowerment and a massive proponent of living your truth. I am also a trans woman.  I believe there is nothing more damaging to your performance. Both your professional and personal life than lying to yourself about who you are and what you want. Living Your Truth But what does it mean to "live your truth"?  It sounds simple, but...

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The newest member of the Fempire team, Nicole Stanley, living your truth.

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