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Givers Gain: A Small Business Networking Strategy

I hope I’m about to change the way you view small business networking for female entrepreneurs. If you’ve heard that before, and still have the same amount of contempt for stuffy luncheons in random hotel meeting rooms with people you don’t know, well then you’re in for a treat. This new networking method does away with just about everything you’ve learnt to despise about this necessary function of business marketing. You see, up until now, you’ve probably viewed networking events as a...

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How to use Publicity to Grow your Business

One of a small or micro business owner’s biggest challenges is getting the word out about her business. You know your ideal customers are out there, and that they need your product or service. But how are you going to reach them? Without busting your shoestring budget with advertising? Publicity is one fabulous way to put your business in front of your target market. It’s rather simple in theory: Find the publications and media outlets that are delivering news to your target market.Appeal...

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How to use Publicity to Grow Your Business

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