At Fempire we’re different, because we are prepared to say what some are not and that is, women learn and do business differently. 

So, who better to coach them than a woman?

If you are a savvy business woman who believes she understands the struggles of women business owners, and you would like to be a coach who is fully supported with a powerful female focused brand, then we would like to hear from you.

The woman we are looking for will need to have most of the following experience/attitude/availability/resources:

  • Business skills. It will help if you have run your own business before, or have an education in business, or are already a business or life coach. If you have a corporate role and would like to move into coaching this may also be acceptable depending on experience.

  • Marketing skills. Marketing experience would be helpful whether it be in your own business or whether you are a marketer, an interest in marketing is a must. Education in marketing is a plus also.

  • Mindset and motivational skills. You will need to have a level of confidence to lead as a coach and great communication and motivational skills.

  • Finances. You will need to be in a solid financial position to build and grow a business


  • Positive attitude. This can make or break a brand and coach. We will be looking for positive, motivated women who strive to make a difference.

  • Time. Although you could run this business part time with a high level of freedom, it will still require time, energy, focus and discipline.

  • Travel. This business will require occasional interstate and overseas travel. You will need to have the resources and support to cover any responsibilities you have at home, so you are free to travel when necessary.

  • Local. You will need to live locally to be offered the opportunity.

Before you apply, you need to know this is not an employment opportunity.
You will be building your own powerful coaching business with our support, unique systems, coaching programs, online platforms, resources and marketing.

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“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

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