The masculine way of doing business doesn’t work for women, so we’ve changed the game.

All of our coaching is uniquely tailored for women and delivered by highly trained successful female entrepreneurs.

The masculine way of doing business doesn’t work for women, so we’ve changed the game.

All of our coaching is uniquely tailored for women and delivered by highly trained successful female entrepreneurs.

The Fempire Story

Fempire is the brain child of our founder and CEO, Marnie LeFevre. Marnie fundamentally believes that “the future is female” and she is striving to provide the support, tools and resources to aid in empowering women in the best way she knows how, and that is through entrepreneurship. She believes women can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds to, and the only thing stifling their potential is an overly dominant and outdated masculine way of doing things in business that just doesn’t support the way women achieve, run their lives or lead.

She determined the driving factor in women’s success was gaining the right support from successful women who had walked the female entrepreneur’s road and had an intimate understanding of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, taking into account the very different demands and obligations placed on women today.

As a result, the Fempire brand was born, Fempire Coaches were recruited, live female only Training Events and Workshops were launched and a powerful Fempire Online Academy was built as a tool to support women entrepreneurs, Fempire Coaches and their clients. 

No stone was left unturned in support of women’s entrepreneurial success.

Today Fempire has supported thousands of women to succeed and the numbers are steadily growing, locally and globally.

It’s a dream come true for Marnie and all of us here at Fempire and we’re excited to see the positive impact it will have on generations of women to come.

Our Vision & Mission

Fempire Vision

To have a massive positive impact on the lives of women and inspire change worldwide. 

Fempire Mission

To empower women to become leaders who inspire through grace, communication, compassion and courage. 

Fempire Values

Empowerment, innovation, communication, confidence, courage, support and leadership.

What Makes Fempire Great?

    • We do things differently, the female way and won’t be told otherwise. 
    • We innovate focussed solely on what will positively impact women-owned businesses. 
    • We communicate with empathy, compassion and grace, but most of all we communicate in detail, using positivity and a can-do attitude.
    • Our customer service experience is of paramount importance to us and we are constantly striving to achieve results beyond expectations for our coaches and their clients. 
    • We use our emotions as a force for good! Vulnerability doesn’t scare us, in fact it inspires us, we highly encourage it and can’t imagine a workplace without it.
    • We listen. Enough said.
    • We truly believe the future is female and will do what it takes support women to step up and lead authentically from the heart so that both men and women benefit from balanced workplaces in the future.
    • We are not a man-hating brand. In fact, we’re the complete opposite. We believe that empowering women to succeed in business will give men greater choice and help to relieve financial pressures subconscious placed on them by their family and society as a whole. We hope that it gives them greater freedom to explore what is truly important to them. 
    • Men love us! We find that men are some of our biggest fans and we love them for it, especially when we discover that they began as a critic. We find that most men are grateful when the women they love and respect (wives, sisters, daughters, colleagues, girlfriends, friends etc) find Fempire, because they believe in women as much as we do and are just as excited to see them succeed.
    • We may be female focused but we are not gender bias. Yes, our coaches are female and our coaching formula is for women (and individuals who identify as women), however we partner, collaborate, hire and promote based on experience, skills, passion and talent. We prefer balance in the workplace where possible and have passionate, dedicated (#heforshe) men on our team and within our circles of influence.
    • We are an equal opportunity workplace. We only ask that you be authentically you and that’s good enough for us.


“Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”

— Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks

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