How We’ve Partnered Up to Help Regional West Australian Women Build their Dreams


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What’s better than having the support and resources of one amazing female-focused brand? 

Having the support of two, of course!  

It’s been in the works for a while, but we are finally ready to announce. That we’ve teamed up with the change-making women at the RRR Network. To bring some of Fempire’s resources and support to women who live in regional WA. 

The future is female and we’re looking forward to seeing more regional women driving change. Growing their businesses, and becoming leaders in their communities. 

So, if the RRR Network is new to you. Let me share a little bit of what they do and what this partnership is all about.

What is the RRR Network of WA?

The RRR Network, otherwise known as the Rural, Remote, and Regional Women’s Network of WA. Is an organisation that works to connect regional women throughout Western Australia. In an effort to create a better future for women and families in local West Australian communities.

In their own words, the RRR Network aims to “assist rural, regional and remote women. By asking, listening and then delivering their words. Insights and experiences directly to policy and key decision-makers.”

Their sole mission is to support the social and economic wellbeing of rural, remote, and regional women. Which is a mission we fully support!

Their sole mission is to support the social and economic wellbeing of rural, remote, and regional women.

Both Fempire and the RRR Network aspire to give women as much support as possible in following their dreams. We believe that with the right support and motivation, women can do whatever they set their minds to. 

So how have we teamed up to meet this goal?

Our Partnership

We’ve teamed up with the RRR Network to provide new resources and trainings to all RRR members. 

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A RRR membership will now include access to selected online courses straight from our very own Fempire Academy. So that keen business women can expand their knowledge with a focus on business planning. Marketing, Social Media, Networking, and more.  

This is a rare opportunity as the Fempire Academy. Many resources are usually only available to our Fempire coaching clients. 

With a RRR Network membership, women living in regional areas. Will gain instant access to our popular How to Find Your Customers & Clients Online. And How to Find Your Customers & Clients Offline courses, with more content being gradually released over the next few months. 

We hope that with this partnership we can deliver vital business training to aspiring female entrepreneurs. Established businesswomen in rural, regional and remote areas. Trainings which they would otherwise find difficult to access without regularly travelling back and forth from Perth.

We know that this partnership and these trainings will help support so many women in regional WA. We’re excited to be able to partner with the RRR Network in their mission to support West Australian women. 

If you are living remotely we’d love to know what your biggest challenges are in business. It will drive what we release in the coming months to RRR members. Tell us in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do!


You can learn more about the RRR Network of WA on their website by clicking here

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