Meet Our New Generation of Fempire Certified Coaches


Newly launched Certified Coach Program has wrapped up and produced some outstanding ladies that are on their way to becoming incredible Fempire Certified Coaches.

The inaugural live training for our newly launched Certified Coach Program has concluded. Yielding remarkable women on their path to becoming exceptional Fempire Certified Business Coaches.

Being the world’s number one business coaching brand for women. Fempire unapologetically ensures that our certified coaches align with our vision and values. This assurance ensures that the business coaching provided to women is not only empowering. But also remarkably meaningful for their clients.

Having these inspiring women as part of the Fempire Sisterhood ensures we can continue to deliver on our mission. To empower women to become leaders who inspire through grace, communication, compassion and courage. 

We’re honoured to introduce you to the first change-makers. In what we know will have a huge impact on women entrepreneurs worldwide.

If you’d like to explore becoming a Fempire Certified Coach and become part of the sisterhood creating waves CLICK HERE.

Angie Giltner


Angie is a trailblazer who is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to attract their ideal customers and grow their businesses with techniques that won’t break the bank. With her background in social work, Angie knows how to quickly move you from self-doubt to confident businesswoman.

Angie is truly happiest wearing shorts in the winter, rocking an adorable purple (sometimes black) bathing suit in her pool, and making people laugh.

Angie is a Fempire Certified Master Coach. She supports our new coaches on their journey to becoming certified.

Tanja Aafos


Tanja has three decades of experience in business, including several successful start ups. Her career includes companies like Warner Brothers and Disney and representing the publishing catalogues of artists from Led Zeppelin to Adele. Tanja is impassioned about supporting entrepreneurs to discover success in the form that holds the most meaning for them.

Tanja’s success as a female in business is firmly intertwined with being a mother, a daily meditator, a voracious reader and a lover of all fitness and natural health practices.

Paula Jones


Paula is a mother to five, wife to a shift worker, daughter, friend, colleague, lover of all things summer, productivity and organisation.

She has a very pragmatic approach and believes a truly rewarding life work balance not only exists, but that it definitely looks different for everyone.

Paula believes in the power behind time management, being efficient in planning, and organisational methods. Her favourite food are nachos, red wine, and chocolates.

Belinda Cole


After a 20-year successful career in public service, Belinda took the bold decision to set up her own fitness business in order to help and motivate others reach their health and fitness goals, while having some fun along the way. 

From this, Belinda discovered her love for coaching and helping others. She is excited about supporting other women to build their businesses, assisting them to gain the knowledge they need to succeed and to create a life they can enjoy.

Stephanée Gray


Stephanée brings 25 years of experience in business, sales and finance working across the US and with clients in the UK and Asia. A single mom of a teenage daughter and two adorable pomsky puppies, she’s passionate about empowering women in business to live in their authenticity, compassion and strength and showing them how attracting their clients, investors and opportunities will beat the “grind” any day.

Katy Hazlewood

WA Australia

Katy brings a wealth of experience in organisation and project management to her clients. Turning dreams into achievable steps along their journey to success.

When she isn’t helping clients, Katy enjoys making cheese, tending to her bees and spending time with her 2 cats, Zena the dog and her fish.

Bec Skipper


Bec is a Mum of 6 and has run several successful businesses. She understand the juggle of being a Mum and a business owner. She is now helping other motivated people achieve their own business dreams in a way that is authentic to them.

Bec is a lover of all food and enjoys unwinding with meditation.

De’Anne Stegert


De’Anne has owned a Registered Training Organisation since 2005. She has seen many changes in the way that people learn and grow and it is her passion to make sure that others succeed.

De’Anne is a mother of 1 boy and has been happily married since 2010 to her soul mate. De’Anne loves a rum & coke and enjoys pasta.

Your Name


Are you are ready to take the first step in joining a sisterhood of inspiring, passionate women in leading female entrepreneurs to success with empathy, authenticity and passion?

Click here to begin your coaching journey.

Furthermore, we are immensely proud to witness coaches emerging from our program who share the same level of passion. As we are about empowering women to achieve personal and business success.

Are you interested in becoming a Fempire Certified Business Coach?

Fempire Certified Coaches receive comprehensive training and support from the world’s number 1 business coaching brand for women. Training covers everything from our proven coaching curriculum. Utilising the Fempire Academy to compliment your coaching and deliver courses. In addition to best business and marketing practices, we provide guidance on growing your coaching business.

Our coaches also receive ongoing support and training. This includes 6 months of private business coaching, weekly networking and office hours with Fempire founder and CEO Marnie LeFevre.

…in a very short time period, I am so thankful to have met you, be connected with you and share and be vulnerable with you all…

Stephanée Gray

Be sure to say hello to our new coaches in the comments. Keep an eye out for the Fempire Magazine to learn more about these fantastic ladies. The goal is to complete the program and become Fempire Certified Business Coach.

To find out more about becoming a Fempire Certified Business Coach click here.

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  1. Katy Hazlewood

    I cannot believe I get to travel my journey with such an amazing group of women! This sisterhood motivate me to get out of bed, learn more and inspire others to do the same every day…

    • Marnie LeFevre

      It’s been so wonderful having you on the journey Katy. Your energy and organisation is inspiring! Mx

    • Fempire Team

      Fantastic to have have you in the sisterhood Katy! We look forward to watching your coaching journey.

    • Angie Giltner

      Katy, I love your heart & your purple hair! Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing the positive change you make in the world!

  2. Marnie LeFevre

    It’s been so inspiring to take our first round of coaches through certification and whilst not all of them are officially certified yet it’s exciting to see them as they digest the content, give wonderful feedback and celebrate in everything they’re learning and creating as a business coach.
    I love working with smart, funny, energetic, motivated queens like these women.
    So blessed!

    • Angie Giltner

      Marnie, who would’ve ever thought that me writing your name written at the top of a piece of paper over 2 years ago would’ve led to this? I deeply appreciate you taking a chance on a farm girl from rural Ohio to be the catalyst for bringing Fempire into the states. You & Fempire have been 2 of the greatest blessings of my life! I know we’re going to change the world because, “TOGETHER, we’ll move mountains!”

      • Marnie LeFevre

        Yes we will sister! Together we can do more, be more and effect more change. Thank you for your support Angie and your kind words…they fill my heart with joy. Mx

  3. Stephanée Gray

    It truly is inspiring & motivating to join the Fempire Sisterhood and share space with such talented, experienced Queens looking to bring positive change into our World! Not to mention a bit terrifying, in all the best ways! XoXo

    • Marnie LeFevre

      Terrifying + Excited is a great combo Stephanée!! Loving having you on the journey. Mx

    • Fempire Team

      We are so excited to have your expertise and enthusiasm in the sisterhood Steph! Can’t wait to see the waves you make.

    • Angie Giltner

      Stephanée, when we’re uncomfortable, we’re growing! Keep standing firm in your confidence! You’re such an incredible role model to your daughter & other young females! You got this!

  4. Paula Jones

    This is a power group of sisters in business if I have ever seen one. Such incredible talent and vast experience, I can’t wait to be part of this team and empower women across the world to achieve their potential. Well done Marnie

    • Marnie LeFevre

      Thank you Paula! Well done right back at you for joining the first sisterhood of coaches. We love that you are a part of such a powerful group. Mx

    • Fempire Team

      Welcome to the sisterhood Paula! Your passion and experience is a welcome addition and we look forward to watching your journey.

    • Angie Giltner

      Paula, the project manager queen! I appreciate your wisdom on organization, prioritization, & project completion. You’re such an asset to your clients & the Fempire Sisterhood!

  5. Angie Giltner

    I’m obsessed with this AMAZING group of women who are spreading their light onto the world like the diamonds they are!

    My Fempire journey created clarity within me that I never knew existed. I’ve also never been so terrifiedly [my made up word] excited & energized since becoming a member of the Fempire Sisterhood!

    There is no stopping the Fempire movement! We will not stop until every woman in business feels valued, stands firm in her confidence, is paid her worth, is showing up to thriving business that she loves, & is living the life she deserve to live!

    The Future IS Female!

    • Fempire Team

      It’s so fantastic to have your passion and outlook as part of the sisterhood Angie! We can’t wait to see you make waves and have a positive impact on the lives of women you work with.


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