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What to look for in a Great Business Coach

One of the questions we’re asked most often by women in business is, “How can I multiply my chances of success?” This isn’t a simple question to answer.  However, if I had to give just one response, it would be, “Hire a great business coach.” Why?  Because with a great business coach, every action you take will be targeted, with an anticipated outcome. Nothing will be experimental—which means no wasting of time and resources.  A top business coach will push you to explore outside your...

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2021 Vision with International Women’s Day

Are you ready for International Women’s Day?  If you’re not up to speed on the awesomeness that is International Women’s Day (IWD) allow me to share you in!  IWD is a globally recognised day that celebrates the achievements of women—social, political, cultural, economic—and encourages everyone to accelerate equality for women. IWD is a globally recognised day that celebrates the achievements of women—social, political, cultural, economic—and encourages everyone to accelerate...

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The Risky Woman’s Business: Why You Need to Take More Chances

Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? I hope your answer is yes! Taking risks is a part of life and being able to make major decisions is pivotal for any business owner.

However, if you aren’t afraid to take big risks, you’re one of the few women who actually consider themselves to be risk-takers. It’s sad but true. Women take fewer risks than men do in business. However, while women don’t tend to take traditional risks, I have no doubt that women are, and can be, fabulous risk-takers.

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Sell Like a Lady: Why Women are Better at Selling than Men

When you think of the perfect salesperson, you probably picture a man. You know the one, he’s at your front door with a smarmy smile, darting eyes, and slick pitch about why you NEED to buy what he’s selling.  Is that just me?  Okay, so I know I’m stereotyping, but the fact is that selling has always been a male-dominated industry. After all, the term ‘salesman’ is still used far more frequently than ‘salesperson’.  But would it shock you to learn that women are actually far...

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How to Make it Easy for Your Perfect Customer to Find You

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can be sure you’re being seen in all the right places. As female entrepreneurs, we are naturally more in-tune with the people who need our services. However, we can easily be mistaken about where to find those people, or about what they need to see and hear to make them sit up and take interest. In this article I'll teach you how to attract your ideal customers.

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How to Budget Like a Boss: Business Budgeting Tips for Entrepreneurs

When you have a business budget, you will know at a glance if your business is performing well, or if you need to make adjustments. A business budget will also help you make decisions like when to hire, when to cut expenses (and by how much), when to ramp up marketing, when to make processes more efficient or cost-effective, and when to purchase equipment, amenities or supplies.

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