Top 5 Reasons Women Make Better Small Business Coaches than Men


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Usually, when you think of a business coach, the first thing that comes to mind is a man. 

And this – unfortunately – makes sense, after all the business coaching industry is still largely dominated by men. 

But here at Fempire, I’m proud to say, we are beginning to change that. 

Women make excellent business coaches, particularly when it comes to coaching other women. After all, only another female business owner can truly understand the pressures, responsibilities and bias that we face as women in business. 

Women make excellent business coaches, particularly when it comes to coaching other women. After all, only another female business owner can truly understand the pressures, responsibilities and bias that we face as women in business.

I remember when I was growing my marketing agency. I had two small children and was juggling the pressure of motherhood and building my business. When I shared the struggles I was having with a male business coach I knew. He told me I needed to “suck it up and just make things happen, that’s how you get ahead in business”. 

WTF?? My child came home from daycare with a runny nose. I was told to tough it out and push ahead. This advice, from a supposed ‘business leader,’ revealed his ignorance about female- and mother-led businesses. It only exacerbated our existing feelings of inadequacy.

I’m thankful for this experience. It led me to create Fempire, a company empowering women to coach each other. Avoiding misguided advice from uninformed men about the challenges of female entrepreneurship.

I’ve found that women make excellent business coaches but often lack the confidence to step into a male dominated marketplace like this and that is a travesty that must  change, now. 

So below you can find five reasons why women make better coaches than men, for women led and managed businesses.

5 Reasons Why Women Make Great Business Coaches

Coaching has become a vital tool that business owners utilize to help them reach their business potential. And like with any industry, there are traits and skills that make some people better suited for the role. Women have so many natural gifts they can use to be  incredible coaches, it’s shocking there are not more out there making a difference.

What are some traits?

1. Women are Natural Nurturers

What some may see as a weakness is an incredible strength when it comes to coaching. To nurture, believe in, and support your client with genuine compassion and dedication is powerful. It can be the force behind a woman succeeding or succumbing to her self doubt. 

I would often tell my clients that I would believe in them until they were ready to believe in themselves. And it worked! Sometimes you just need someone who has your back and tells you it’s okay when you feel like it’s all too hard (somewhere between canceled daycare due to green snot, again) and want to give up.

2. Strong Communication Skills

Business coaching is about building relationships with clients, which can sometimes be tricky. 

Women are usually more open to communicating their ideas, thoughts, and emotions verbally. We’re good at putting our clients at ease so that they feel comfortable opening up about what’s really going on in terms of their business goals or life challenges that impact their business. 

This makes it easier for female business coaches to quickly build a relationship with their clients and establish a level of trust that works for everyone involved.

3. Empathy

Because women tend to be highly empathetic, we’re better able to see the world from the perspectives of others. 

This can give you an advantage in business coaching because you can better relate to your clients’ unique experiences. What’s more, this trait enables many women to easily make connections with people, understand others’ feelings, and help guide their clients toward solutions.

Women also empathise with the unique challenges women face in business because we face them ourselves. It would be very hard for a man to relate to gender bias. He may understand it intellectually and support change however until you’ve experienced it first hand it’s impossible to relate at a level that’s needed for women out there breaking down barriers.

4. Excellent Time Managers

Running a small business requires you to make countless decisions every day while constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. 

At any given moment, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done. Women are usually better at managing their time and workload than men, because we are generally more organized and have the ability to prioritize our tasks by figuring out which ones are the most important/vital. 

Interestingly even if you have an engaged, helpful partner, women are still responsible for the time based roles in their family like cooking dinner for example. Dinner has to be on the table at a certain time, so you need to be home cooking to ensure everyone gets fed on time . Taking out the trash can be done anytime. So yes, we’re excellent time managers because we have to be.

5. Organizational Skills

As women, we tend to be very skilled at keeping track of all the things going on in our busy lives.

According to one Harvard Business Review report, women even perform better than men in several leadership roles, such as resilience, drive and communication. 

Having strong organizational skills also makes you generally well suited to organizing meetings or other events, delegating responsibilities to others, prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance, and so on. 

Let’s face it, we have to be good at this because we are usually running our business, our family and a number of other things that require a level of organization beyond what is considered normal. Very few of us have wives to pick up the slack!

Is Coaching for You?

If coaching is your dream, you need to go for it! 

If coaching is your dream, you need to go for it! 

This isn’t an industry for everyone, but it definitely is the industry for enthusiastic, passionate women who want to make a difference and support others to succeed and grow. 

It’s fantastically fulfilling work, and the first thing you need to become a coach is the desire and drive to keep going – because it’s not always going to be easy.  

Learning how to become a business coach is an art and a science, and there are steps that everyone must take on their journey in order to become the best coach you can be. 

For example, while managing clients’ businesses requires different types of skills depending on the person being coached, good communication and listening is something that all business coaches need to excel at.

After all, learning how to listen and motivate clients into taking action is a big part of the job.

Why Certification is the Safety Blanket You Need

While becoming a business coach doesn’t mean you have to get certified, we highly recommend that you do. You’ll gain the training and support needed to feel confident that the coaching you’re delivering is of the highest standard. 

Certification means that you still run your own business and can establish your own brand and client base, but that you have been given the seal of approval from a reputable, well-known brand. A certification may also include training or other types of support so that your journey to business coaching queen is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We need more female business coaches, but for a lot of women becoming a coach is still a daunting prospect. 

Which is where Fempire and our Fempire Certified Coach program comes in!

We support women through their journey to become business coaches, by giving them the resources, training, and opportunity they need to become expert business coaches and attract clients. 

We make the business of business coaching easy so that more women step confidently into coaching. It doesn’t have to be hard. Not when we’ve done the work for you and we hold your hand until you’re ready to fly. Then we continue support you and watch as you create an impact and become the leader little girls look up to.

You can book a call now to learn more about becoming a Fempire Certified Coach here.  

Did you like this article or are you thinking about becoming a coach? Leave a comment below xx

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