Eight Benefits to a Flexible Working Space, Could it be Right for You?


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Working from home is not a new concept to most people. 

It has been the go-to method of a work space for entrepreneurs and freelancers for years. It is in fact one of the most attractive things about owning your own business.

There are a lot of benefits.

Whether that’s being able to wear your pyjama bottoms to a meeting. Feeling comfortable in your own home, unlimited pet time or saving on expenses

But it is not all roses and sunshine.

There are some drawbacks that come with working from home. It can increase feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

And when you don’t have a dedicated office space it can also cause a sense of claustrophobia. Having to sleep, eat, relax and work all in the same space can be all too much. And since you don’t ‘leave’ the office at five. It can make it harder to switch off after a day of work. 

Working from home can be quite isolating. But what other options are there for solopreneurs and freelancers. Who can’t rent a whole office just for themselves?

You need a flexible working space. Where you can choose your days and set your own boundaries. While working in an office like environment surrounded by other people.

You need a flexible working space, where you can choose your days and set your own boundaries while working in an office like environment surrounded by other people Click To Tweet

And this isn’t as unattainable as you might think..

Flexible work-spaces and Co-Offices exist, and if you are looking to move out of your home office. Even if it’s just for a few days a week, then they might be the right option for you. 

So what are flexible work-spaces and why are they such a good option for entrepreneurs?

Flexible Work-Spaces

No, it’s not an office you set up in a yoga studio (as cool as that would be).

A flexible working space is any office space that has moved away from the traditional workplace environment. They are office spaces that allow you to work to your own preferences. By renting a space in the building, whether that be a private room or in an open-desk setting. 

Everybody flourishes in their own way, so it is no surprise that the same working environment won’t suit everyone.

Everybody flourishes in their own way, so it is no surprise that the same working environment won’t suit everyone.

There are different types of flexible spaces that you can use to your liking. Often with varying desk layouts to suit different types of work. 

These buildings often exclusively dedicate themselves to a flexible working environment. This means they are not confined to a smaller area, offering more space and flexibility in how you work.


Co-Working is one example of flexible working. It’s when a singular space is used by lots of different people to complete their individual tasks.

Now you may be thinking that this just sounds like an ordinary office. However these people don’t usually work for the same company and the space is typically larger than the average office. 

Many professionals from different industries often utilize the same co-working environment, as it caters to a wide range of needs.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. Are just some of the types of people you may come across in one of these spaces. 

And it’s easy to see why these offices are an attractive option. As they often have a range of areas where you can work. From private meeting rooms to open plan offices, to lounges.

Shared Office

Another option for co-sharing is a shared office space. This is where one building hosts two or more organisations within the same office. This is a great option if you have a small team of people – or a team of one. As you can save money by renting a desk/s in an already established office. That comes equipped with all the necessary facilities. 

Let’s Talk Benefits

So why would you consider a shared office space? If you could just work from your couch or your home office? Well there are actually some pretty great benefits!

Three empowered women, working inside their office.

1. Removes Distractions 

Working at home means you have all your favourite things surrounding you. But this isn’t always a good thing (for productivity anyway). 

Being in an office environment can help you remove distractions found in the home. It allows you to knuckle down and finish any work that needs doing. And whilst co-working spaces can be noisy, you have the ability to rent meeting rooms or private sections. That can counteract those distractions – plus you won’t be surrounded by all of your favourite distractions.

2. Helps to Create Boundaries

Working from home essentially means you are always in your office. So it becomes easy to answer ‘just one more’ email. Flexible work spaces can reduce this by separating the home and office. 

A lot of co-working spaces have 24/7 access which means you don’t have to work the traditional 9-5 hours. And being able to access a lot of these spaces 24 hours a day. It will create that flexibility you would have working from home. 

3. Networking

Surrounded by a world of other professionals you have the ability to network your butt off!

It gives you the chance to meet a world of people from different industries. Who are in the same place you are. The open desk plan in a lot of co-working spaces encourages collaboration. Whether it be in your own teams or with others you meet there. 

When a lot of creatives come together something beautiful is bound to happen (*cough* the Fempire Sisterhood *cough*).

4. No Lengthy Contracts

Unlike leasing an office space these options give you the benefits without the commitment. Even if you try it and decide it isn’t for you. There’s no major consequences as you aren’t locked into a long contract.

Some places do offer monthly or even yearly passes for space usage. However there are plenty where you can rent by the day. Or even the hour (talk about cheap real estate!).

5. Reduces Isolation

Working from home can create a sense of isolation. And whilst you may be interacting with your co-workers, employees, or freelancers. Being alone all day doesn’t do well for one’s mental health. 

Being surrounded by other working individuals, even if they are strangers. Can reduce that feeling of isolation and improve your mental wellbeing.

Being surrounded by other working individuals, even if they are strangers, can reduce that feeling of isolation and improve your mental wellbeing. Click To Tweet

6. Professional Environment Without the Hassle

You don’t have to buy furniture or spend money and time setting up your office. The hard work is already done for you!

The only choice you have to make is which of the many spaces you’ll use. Keep in mind that searching for a permanent office can be a lengthy and expensive process. 

Co-Working spaces or Shared Offices come equipped with the office necessities. Depending on where you go there are places which offer technology needed for particular industries. 

So this can be a good option for the short term or until your business expands.

7. Location

Empowered women working in their office table.

Suit it to your commute, with so many spaces available for co-working and shared office spaces. There is bound to be one that’s close to home! Co-working is increasing in popularity meaning more spaces and more choices popping up to suit your desired location. 

There are lots of websites made to assist you in finding an office space which will work for your needs. We’ve linked a few different sites to the bottom of this article to get yout search started.

Co-working is increasing in popularity meaning more spaces and more choices popping up to suit your desired location.

8. Saving Money

Whether you’re working from home or renting an entire office space. The overhead costs tend to be a lot cheaper with flexible office spaces.

Most come with kitchens, wifi, and included bills so you don’t have to worry about monthly utility bills. 

You can use flexible working spaces as much or as little as you need, and some spaces offer hourly rentals.

If you are a small business owner, you know the importance of saving money where you can. And while working from home does come pretty cheap. These spaces are another cheap alternative to having an entire office. Plus it’s a great option for getting out of the house and feeling productive.

Where to From Here?

Now how do I find a place to do this you ask? 

I’ve done the hard part for you and listed a couple of sites that specialise in flexible offices. 

Many websites are dedicated to showcasing office spaces tailored to your needs. Enabling you to discover available spaces for initiating your flexible working journey.

Some places to search for the perfect space for you are linked below:

Have you tried using a flexible work space before, is it something you’d consider? Let us know in the comments!

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