Get the support you need to grow a successful business quickly.

Female Entrepreneur Mastery (FEM)

You don’t have to do this alone.

Fempire has carefully developed a powerful 12-month Group Coaching Program that ticks all the boxes when it comes to supporting women to succeed in building profitable, sustainable businesses.

The program is tailored specifically for women, with our individual struggles and incredible strengths in mind.

This is by far our most popular program!

If you’re you’re serious about doing what it takes to establish a profitable business within the shortest amount of time, then this the program for you.

You’ll receive monthly private coaching sessions, membership to our online training academy, PLUS you’ll be welcomed into our sisterhood of like-minded female entrepreneurs who meet each month with their coach for comprehensive business and marketing training and networking. 

Your coach will work with you and teach you how to get your marketing right and your business organised so that you begin to enjoy the journey and start making the money you deserve.

Who is our Female Entrepreneurial Mastery (FEM) Program for?

  • Women who own a start-up or new business (established for less than 5 years).

  • Women that are making less than 6 figures annually and are looking for the tools and strategies to increase revenue quickly.

  • Women who live locally and can easily attend monthly trainings and networking.

  • Women who realise they need to better understand marketing and social media if they are to grow their business.

  • Women business owners who feel isolated, lonely and suffer from a lack of support.

  • Women who have no clue how to start and grow their own business and want to get it right!

  • Women who recognise that they need to focus on their finances and/or marketing but are not sure where to begin and they’d like someone to teach them what they need to know and make it simple.

  • Women who are sick of the struggle and would like more support, accountability and direction.

  • Women who recognise that going it alone decreases their chances of success and increases stress levels.

  • Women who are prepared to invest in themselves and their business to achieve results faster.

Are you ready to take ACTION?

Please fill out our quick questionnaire below so we can better understand your business and match you with one of our expert coaches. Your coach will then be in touch to book a time to discuss the program in more detail with you, and to share pricing.

Hi, lovely to meet you! 

Hi, lovely to meet you! 

Hi, lovely to meet you! 

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Tell us about your fempire 

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Let's talk about you

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