Grow your business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Private Coaching Program

If you’re a woman who knows that with extra support comes faster results, and you’re impatient to achieve those results, then private coaching is definitely the best choice for you.

Many business owners reach a level of success and become overwhelmed or recognise that they don’t have the experience for the next level of growth their business needs and that is where private coaching comes in.

Fempire’s Private Coaching Program has been designed for the fempreneur that needs focused regular attention on their business and wants more one-on-one time with their coach.

Whilst this program requires a higher investment, in both time and money, it delivers the value tenfold.

Many of our clients have experienced success beyond their wildest dreams and that’s because they have a coach who expands their thinking, who’s experienced in a multitude of business modalities and who holds them accountable.

In private coaching, you develop an extremely close relationship with your coach.

They become as invested in your results and your business as you are and work tirelessly with you to build a profitable, sustainable business that you love and that makes an impact.

Our Private Business Coaching Program is for you if;

  • You are looking for support in achieving fast growth and increased revenue.

  • Entrepreneurship is new to you. You recognise you have a steep learning curve and you’re prepared to invest in yourself to get the best support possible and to avoid costly mistakes.

  • You are a CEO that recognises that leadership can be isolating and feels she needs the kind of support that can deliver results for the company, her employees and most importantly for herself as a leader.

  • You recognise that there are some weaknesses in your business that you need to improve on and you’re ready to engage an expert who has the knowledge to support you in improving them.

  • You need to take your business to the next level and don’t know the best way to go about it, or don’t want to do it alone.

  • You feel overwhelmed and you are thinking about taking on a business partner to help carry the load, who also brings different skills to the table, but you don’t really want to give a chunk of your business away.

  • You understand that engaging a business coach can lead to over a 500% return on investment.

  • You have a project you need an experienced coach to help you with.

  • You prefer more attention from a business coach and would like to see them more regularly.

  • You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your business successful and that includes investing at the highest level for the support that you need.

Are you ready to take ACTION?

Please fill out our quick questionnaire below so we can better understand your business and match you with one of our expert coaches. Your coach will then be in touch to book a time to discuss the program in more detail with you, and to share pricing.

Hi, lovely to meet you! 

Hi, lovely to meet you! 

Hi, lovely to meet you! 

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Tell us about your fempire 

 Let's talk numbers

Let's talk about you

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