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How to Put More Profit in Your Pocket

It’s a great feeling, isn't it? Walking out of the accountant’s office after being told you have a great little business that is earning you $$$ net profit!  Finally, you are being recognised as a genuine female entrepreneur, a serious business mogul. You have actually turned your hobby or passion into something real, something that is going to make you RICH. It’s time to celebrate!  Making educated financial decisions for your business means you can confidently put more...

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How to Apply for a Business Loan (with a Dash of Excellence)

The small business world is changing. Female small business owners are becoming increasingly common in Australia, and in fact, over 35% of all small businesses in Australia are now owned by women. (Way to go ladies!)  Over 50% of all start-ups in Australia are financed through the owner’s personal savings (p13). And this makes sense, entrepreneurs tend to be frugal with their money. But there comes a point in every small business owner’s life when they need to branch out and look for new...

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