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Is Your Messy Desk Messing with Your Mindset?

I am a big believer in my desk being representative of my brain. If it is piled high with paperwork, pens, dishes and everything my kids just dumped on me - it’s just simply overwhelming. I can’t find things and I miss deadlines because things are buried. I don’t like being caught off guard, so when vital information is sitting under a plate with a crust of Vegemite sandwich on it, it’s an unnecessary stress on me - and really it’s just gross.

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How Steep is the Climb to Business Success?

If you have ever tackled the challenge of climbing a mountain (even a small one), you will understand how emotional it can be.  As the peak gets closer, the more exhausted you become and the further away things feel. Building a business can be like that. You start out your entrepreneurial journey full of enthusiasm and hope that the view from the top will be worth the trek. It can be tough going as you work your way through that mountain of business growth - but get to the top and it...

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