How to Stay Positive and Motivated While Working from Home


We love to support our international sisters and when Regi from the Philippines approached us with a request to write an article for Fempire we said, why not! She chose her topic and we think she did a wonderful job! Have a read and let Regi know what you think in the comments section below her article.

As a female business owner working from home seems like a great idea. 

There’s no need to go to the office every day, no business attire and no unwanted social interactions. The loud noise from your colleagues, the buzzing sounds of the photocopying machine and all the other office distractions suddenly disappear. 

However, the excitement of working from home may slowly fade away once you fall into a routine,  especially if you feel the need to socialize. 

To avoid this feeling, you must learn how to be productive, how to stay in touch with your employees and clients/customers, and how to stay motivated in your new home office. 

Stress, isolation, and a lack of motivation can lead to burnout, low revenue and mental distress. 

So in this article, I will give you some useful tips on how to stay motivated so you can be a happy, fit, productive business owner while working from home. 

Create a Home Office 

Create your workstation/office in a well-lit room that has a door you can close so that you have privacy, no matter the circumstance. It also pays to invest in good home office equipment like a high-quality chair, a laptop stand and a good desk. And if you’re making regular calls to clients,  and you want to remove all distractions, a noise-cancelling headset is a better choice than the regular ones. 

Overall, your workstation should be ergonomically correct to avoid any strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. And it should be set up in a way that will help you increase productivity at work.  

Declutter From Time to Time 

Remove any papers, rubbish, stationery, cups or any other unnecessary things from your desk or drawers. It will be easier for you to find the things you need if your workstation is well organized

Also get rid of any obsolete files and software on your computer. This might be taking up a lot of space, especially if you are a CEO. Delete non-essential files and emails so you can save on space and work more productively. 

Get Enough Sleep and Wake Up Early  

A complete night’s sleep will not only keep you going for another day but will also make you feel more productive while working. This is essential for employers to stay motivated all throughout the day. 

Get eight hours of sleep and you’ll be able to wake up early. It has been proven that people who wake up earlier are actually more productive than those who get up later. 

To start your day positively, waking up early is the first step. Try to walk for at least 30 minutes in the morning to get that good blood circulation and warm your muscles.

Wear the Right Clothes 

Probably the hardest thing to do when you’re working from home is getting out of your pyjamas (since there’s no point in dressing up when you’re not leaving the house, even if you’re the boss). 

The idea of wearing the right clothes when you’re working at home is simple. You tend to adopt the characteristics associated with the clothing you wear. For example, if you put on sleepwear during your work day, the tendency to be lazy all day will increase, and therefore you’ll get less done. 

But when you wear your business attire or smart-casual attire, you’ll be motivated to finish all the tasks at hand just like you would working in the office. It also means when you get called into a sudden interactive meeting you won’t have to worry about being dressed appropriately. 

Work Outside 

Do not just work from within the four corners of your home, explore outside and seek out adventure elsewhere. To keep your sanity you need actual sunlight, so take time to run errands or take a walk. And getting your work done in a coffee shop is okay as long as you have a good internet connection. 

Reward Yourself 

It is always a great feeling to reward yourself and your employees after each completed task. Get your nails done, enjoy a good facial massage in the salon or pamper your hair. It may just be simple but that little boost can give you the energy to soar high and keep that momentum. 

The absence of motivation at work can be stressful and there is a higher tendency of burnout, so before that happens, make it a habit to give yourself a gift whenever needed.

The absence of motivation at work can be stressful and there is a higher tendency of burnout.

Communicate with Your Team

You might feel lonely when you work from home. Chatting with your team or clients/customers whenever possible can ease that isolation. 

Always remind yourself that you are working for your team/clients and updating them about the status of a certain project will make you feel more connected with the do’s and dont’s of the business. You should also take time in extending help to your team and always make sure that they are in good shape and in the best mental health while working at home.

Love Your Job 

Stay positive and motivated while working from home Pin (working from home tips)

Probably the most important way to be motivated at work is to make sure you love your job. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you feel energized all the time and you are inspired to do your best at work. You reach your goal effortlessly and the excitement never stops when your business is your passion, so it will be easy for you to climb the ladder of success.

A Trend that’s Here to Stay!

Working remotely is the new trend for empowered women and business owners alike and it can be fun once you master the tips in this article. 

It can be fulfilling since you will have a chance to do your best work while being effortlessly fulfilled in the comfort of your own home. The key to staying motivated is to keep a positive outlook in life and put in the effort to do what needs to be done.


We hope you enjoyed Regi’s article! 

Do you have any tips for staying positive and motivated while working from home? Share them with us in the comments section xox

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