How Women Can Successfully Market Their Business to Attract Global Opportunities


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Female Business Owners – It’s time to take on Global Markets!

What an exciting time to be in business! With women starting their own businesses in ever-increasing numbers, the realm of going global has become easier than ever before thanks to Covid-19.

Now, as I always recommend, due diligence is your first port of call when starting any business, or expanding into new markets. But what I think we all learned in 2020/21 is the tolerance that the world has for international business.  

Opportunity for Entry to International Business is Open

Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit female-owned businesses the hardest, as many were in industries required to close for lockdown. Female employees were also disproportionately affected for the same reasons.

But when one door closes, another opens. 

For those that kept their minds and hearts open, new industries and opportunities became the focus. The opportunities for startups and solopreneurs to go global became more realistic than ever before. 

And whilst previously female-led small businesses generally focused on local or national markets. The advent of doing everything online instead of in-person enabled us all to start working globally, from the home office.  

Working online forced us to become quite comfortable with Zoom and Google Meet. 

The economy saw a huge rise in online shopping and for those that were able to find a way. Traditional face to face, in-person business models were able to morph into delivering products and services. In new and exciting ways, if there is one strength that women possess in business. I believe it is our ability to successfully collaborate and develop joint ventures. 

If there is one strength that women possess in business, I believe it is our ability to successfully collaborate and develop joint ventures. 

International opportunities for women lie in working together. Aligning business functions, and in using complimentary services and delivery models to expose our businesses to a much larger market.

The Australian business landscape is slowly changing. 

The dominance of small businesses economically supports Australia.

According to The Ministers Treasury Australia, number of female small businesses owners increased by 24% between 2006 and 2021. What is exciting about Australian small businesses is that we lead the charge for being innovative. When we collaborate with international partners. This means that we are open to sharing ideas and learning to benefit both parties.  

What is exciting about Australian small businesses is that we lead the charge for being innovative when we collaborate with international partners. #smallbizwomen Click To Tweet

In 2020 the market for manufacturing opened up and our interest in innovation. There was a push for involving more women in STEM industries. And this means that these areas are more open to opportunity for you. 

A 2015 report conducted by the University of Melbourne shows us what your potential international partners might look like. While another report produced by the Wade Institute on Women in Entrepreneurship. Identified some of the biggest challenges we face as women.

High on the list were things like:

  • Acquiring Customers
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Adopting Technology
  • Financial Management
  • Flexibility

So, how can we win as women in business?

Collaboration can be instrumental in overcoming many of these challenges. 

In fact, working with international partners creates an environment in which we have access to tools. And support to help overcome the challenges women in business face.

International business gives you access to networks and groups in places you may not have previously considered. And you can leverage time zones and staff capacity which means that the normal 9-5 workday can become more flexible.

There is mutual learning through experience. Your experience will be different to those you work with internationally. This experience will provide you with the bridge you need to address differences.

Every interaction you have with someone outside of your immediate circle can teach you something valuable. And some of the most successful collaborations involve two professionals. Who bring two very different skill sets, perspectives, and strengths to the table.

“Whatever you do, be different. That was the advice my mother gave to me, and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you’re different, you will stand out.”

— Anita Roddick

The Australian International Business Survey 2019 revealed that the predominant reason. Australian businesses were not already working internationally is the difficulty in finding a partner.  

Regardless of anything else in business, you can’t be the world’s best-kept secret – people have to know that you exist. That is why marketing is so important.

You want to stand out from the crowd – for all the right reasons. You want people to be able to find you. And you want to connect, with stakeholders and your ideal customers

Marketing Success Factors

In developing any marketing plan, you need core elements. So what are these four elements?  


People are inundated with information. Thanks to the internet and global markets have also opened the doors to varying degrees of product and service value. Your target market needs to trust that you are a brand that delivers. And earning this trust takes time.


The customer that buys from you does so because you have a solution to their problem. This is true no matter where in the world you go. Your marketing must be solution-oriented. That means getting to know your customers very well – you need to speak their language.

For example, if you were to say to a client they need a funnel. They don’t have a marketing background, they won’t understand that you are referring to a sales funnel. So keep your audience first and foremost in your mind.


A framework or plan ensures that you consistently deliver your messaging. Ensures that you are considering all the elements you need to develop an effective marketing strategy. This is a vital part of running a business and keeps you focused on your goal.


In anything you do in business, you should always consider how much room for growth you have. If you don’t make room to scale and grow your business. Then, who will take charge when it becomes necessary? Prepare to start with 2-3 arms or channels of marketing. But consider how you will incorporate extending this out to 8-10 or more when your business and profit starts to grow.

Market Research

This is one of the most important things to get right.

Language is vital – and I’m not just talking about good grammar. What are the common words used within your market? 


Think about platforms, devices, and internet speed. What are you currently using and how can this be improved to in-turn improve your marketing efforts?

Political and Legal Requirements

You will all be aware that this can vary greatly from country to country. Even local and state governments in Australia have their own rules for some industries. 

Understanding and abiding by these rules is vital and this is important to consider in things. Such as your packaging, labelling, manufacturing processes. Plus in the wording of your advertising, the images you use, and even how often you email people.

Business Practices

My belief and experience is that more and more women are seeking out fair and sustainable business practices. That support a better environment and support other women in business. This gives you the opportunity to start building a network or sisterhood with likeminded women all around the world!

International Business is closer than ever!

International business is no longer the realm of large corporations. The world is literally at your fingertips if that is the path you choose.  

And while there is nothing wrong with staying small and local. There is definitely something exciting about the possibilities that going international bring.

And by doing your research and understanding the way different countries do business. Different markets expect services you will be able to create a marketing plan that will reach your target audience – no matter where they are.

 Our message to you is DON’T LET BORDERS STOP YOU!


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