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Givers Gain: A Small Business Networking Strategy

I hope I’m about to change the way you view small business networking for female entrepreneurs. If you’ve heard that before, and still have the same amount of contempt for stuffy luncheons in random hotel meeting rooms with people you don’t know, well then you’re in for a treat. This new networking method does away with just about everything you’ve learnt to despise about this necessary function of business marketing. You see, up until now, you’ve probably viewed networking events as a...

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The Value of Networking for Women in Start-Ups and Small Business

You’re looking for ways to increase the number of people you reach, the number of quality business relationships you establish…all whist decreasing the capital and time you invest in strengthening your start-up or small business within the market. In this, you’re not alone. When I’m asked about the highest ROI activities for start-ups and small business, networking is always part of my answer. Why? Because ‘people buy people’ and if you are not out meeting new people you are losing the...

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