Women’s Intuition: Using it to be a Better Business Leader


A Women's Intuition. Sitting on her desk, thinking how to a successful Leader.

In traditional business, we expect ourselves to be analytical and rational. 

People often tout intuition, particularly a woman’s, as mythical or ‘woo-woo’. 

People often frown upon following your instincts when it comes to making business decisions for this reason.

However, more and more women are coming to the forefront of leadership. Our intuition is what differentiates us from our male counterparts.

More and more women are coming to the forefront of leadership and our intuition is what differentiates us from our male counterparts. #womeninbusiness Click To Tweet

So let’s put things into perspective…

As an example. I think I have some kind of knack for predicting. How movies are going to end. Mostly because I never sees it coming, but somehow it seems so obvious to me.

Maybe I do have a knack for it or maybe the actors were brilliant at conveying everything intangible to me. So that my intuition received their messages loud and clear and enabled me to just figure it out.

I like to think I’m just super smart.

Whatever the case, it did pique my interest. So, as a self-confessed “practical” person. I wanted to find some kind of evidence that could explain what exactly intuition is.

What is Women’s Intuition?

The British Journal of Psychology defines Women’s Intuition as “what happens when the brain draws on past experiences and external cues to make a decision – but it happens so fast that the reaction is at an unconscious level”. 

Furthermore, the University of Cambridge used MRIs to assess neural activity. Women’s brains showed a heightened number of neural connections. Which makes us very efficient at making sense of our surroundings. 

In traditional business, we are expected to be analytical and rational. Whereas intuition, particularly a woman's, is often touted as mythical or ‘woo-woo’. It’s for this reason that following your instincts is often frowned upon when it comes to making business decisions. However, more and more women are coming to the forefront of leadership and our intuition is what differentiates us from our male counterparts.

So, simply put, intuition is that gut feeling about whether something is right or wrong. It is a learned response yet it is not an outcome of deliberate actions.

So, not only is it a quick process. It is also beneficial in getting to the root of your immediate feelings.

The only problem: It’s not entirely accurate. That’s why it’s great to strike a nice balance between listening to your gut and considering things openly and fairly.

Intuition points to things you’ve learnt. So use it to point you in the direction of past experiences. Without letting it put your blinders up.

The Relationship Between Truth, Trust and Intuition.

Before we go further, let’s first talk about trust, truth and intuition.

Intuitive thinking relies on more than just facts. It’s how the body pieces together facts and experience and then manifests that into a physical reaction. Can you think of a time when your “gut” told you not to do something? 

That is your intuition.

Trust is something that is bestowed. It’s not a commodity that’s given freely or something you have a right to. It’s something that you work for, something that’s been earned.

Whereas truth is more freely given. Oftentimes it can be painful, ugly even; but being truthful is necessary because it is a driver of progress. 

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how the three are related.

Well, try thinking back to a time when you’ve been chatting to someone you don’t trust one hundred per cent. 

Do you believe that they’re being truthful in this instance? 

Probably not because the trust isn’t there.

But, have you ever stopped to wonder why you don’t trust them? 

Did something just feel a bit off?

Maybe it was just a little niggle in your gut. Perhaps there was a large warning sign flashing in your mind. However, it manifests itself, that’s your intuition trying to steer you in the right direction.

So, who or what do you listen to in this instance…the person you’ve been chatting with or that gut feeling. 

Personally, I’ve experienced times when I cannot explain. Why I will or won’t do something only that I listen to my body. As it gives me many physical manifestations that tell me I should or shouldn’t do something.

When your body is being vocal, you should listen and trust your intuition to guide you.

Is There Room for Women’s Intuition in Business?

Entrepreneur Ivan Misner recalls how his experience in business has increased his capacity for intuition and his reliance on it. He says that intuition is just amassed knowledge applied rapidly.

And the most important takeaway from this is that even if business isn’t your area of deep experience. You have life experience, which is a great resource for you in business.

There are many experiences as women that will help, you are more knowledgeable than you think. While you’re still figuring it out, take your time with it.

Trust and truth are married in the context of intuition. This is a great way of understanding yourself. And the world can reveal all the fruits of your vast life experience.

Trust Your Instincts!

In business, decisions must be made continuously. 

If the owner is indecisive. This could very well be because of a misalignment between what is known. And what is intuitive. Intuition plays a very important role in business because it is taking into account the intangible elements of a problem. 

Intuition plays a very important role in business because it is taking into account the intangible elements of a problem.

Usually, business owners rely on facts that data can present. But intuition does not come from data, it comes from a myriad of sources. That can change from moment to moment. And can never be captured except by the subconscious mind. 

The value of this information is mistakenly denied all too often.

Follow Your Gut, Just Don’t Throw Reason Out the Window

Picture of a female leader having a meeting.

Intuition is based on your own experiences and emotional intelligence, which is not infallible. So yes, sometimes you may get it wrong. But when it comes to getting it right, nobody can do that all the time. 

But that’s not a reason not to rely on your intuition. 

The unknowns are always going to influence the outcome. This means that intuition is susceptible to misinformation, but so is any form of reasoning or research. 

So, I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other. But what I will say is that when they work together. Gaining a more balanced viewpoint and having more information will always enable more thorough decision-making processes.

How to Turn Up the Volume on Your Intuition?

Jessica Estrada shares seven great tips on channelling your gut instincts:

  1. Create space for your intuition to be heard, whether through meditation, prayer, or mindfulness.

  2. Be aware of your emotional landscape. It is feedback to your subconscious and is telling you much more than we often give it credit for.

  3. Look for inner voice patterns, think back to when intuition has popped up and been right. Evaluate when you should be listening out for it.

  4. Set the intention to listen to your inner voice. Be prepared to listen to increase the likelihood of hearing.

  5. Don’t overthink things, our consciousness can try and out-rationalise our instincts but we need to get out of that habit. It’s about finding a balance between the two.

  6. When your instincts are trying to tell you something, give them a moment to reveal themselves.

  7. Lean into confusion if you’re unsure. Lean into it so that you can analyse all of the information that is causing it.

So, How Intuitive Are You?

Do you let your intuition help guide you in business? 

I certainly do. Whatever intuition you have, I encourage you to tune in. Let it help you along your journey to business success.

Years of living contribute to the learned process of intuition. It can be a strong weapon once you learn how to use it properly. And discern what is fear or excitement and what is warning or encouragement. 

Intuition may be a quick process, but it is learned over years of living.

Trust that your gut is truthful. Give yourself the space to work it all out. The benefits of this sort of listening will pay off immensely. Trusting ourselves and others allows us access to more points of view and information. Giving us the best shot at success.

I love this Ted Talk by Cameo Gore on Intuition. Watch it and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments below, we’d love to chat xx


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