Blogging Basics, for Growing your Business


You’ve heard it again and again: You should be blogging.

Not only are you unsure about why you need to be blogging, you cannot fathom how other female business owners are using their blogs to drive traffic to their websites…and even creating income for their brands.

And then there’s that pesky writing thing: You don’t enjoy it, you’re not good at it—and where will you get ideas?

Even if you’ve had just one of these thoughts, you’re probably feeling ill-equipped to publish a blog.

We can tell you from firsthand experience that even the most unqualified writer can publish a blog and make it work for building her business.

We’ve seen it happen again and again, and have compiled a list of tips and tricks for creating a blog from nothing.

But first, let’s talk about why you need that blog.

  • Be Found. When you write blogs that contain keyword phrases that your target market members are using to search for solutions to their problems, you’re more likely to be found. When you write at least one blog article for each keyword phrase that’s important to your business, you’re putting more bait in the water…increasing your chances of catching more (and bigger) fish.

  • Prove Expertise. When you give relevant advice freely through blogging, you’re not only creating relationships with your target market, you’re proving that you know what you’re talking about. This will help to elevate your profile and you’ll be on your way to creating a name for yourself in your industry.

  • Sell.  Now, please don’t misunderstand: your blog articles should not be written with hard-sell language. Each one should aim to serve your ideal client, and then use a provocative call-to-action to persuade them to click on a link and continue their interaction with your brand.

  • Enhance Social Media. When you create interesting and informative blog articles, you’ll have more relevant material to share on your social media pages. Choose the topics your target market most wants to talk about, and you’ll encourage priceless engagement on those pages—simply by starting a conversation with a stimulating article.

  • Keep your Website Fresh. Google loves fresh material, and when you publish a blog on your website (and add new articles regularly), you’re giving Google exactly what it’s looking for.

Now that you’ve seen just a few of the main benefits of blogging, we hope you’re feeling motivated to create a blog of your own. Here are some of our top tips for getting started (and some shortcuts for showcasing your strengths and concealing your weaknesses):

  • Be Yourself. When you gain new followers and clients through blogging, who will they be working with? YOU! So why would you want to represent anyone other than you? Try to focus less on perfect grammar and punctuation, and more on expressing your business’ mission. If you’re not confident in the final product, hire an editor.

  • Write what you Know. This is the same advice every professional writer is given. If you’re going to prove your expertise, you’ve got to write about your field of expertise. Referring to current events, social causes and consumer trends is a good idea; however, avoid writing about these things outside the context of your field. Publishing content about a subject just because it’s cool right now isn’t going to attract your ideal clients; plus, your article will be buried in search results under hundreds or thousands of nearly identical ones.

  • Get Ideas from Your Target Market. What are your ideal clients talking about? What are their problems? What gaps in service are they complaining about? What solutions haven’t they considered? Involve yourself in forums and social media groups containing large concentrations of your target market members, and you’ll have more material then you can keep up with. And the beauty of this method doesn’t end there; you’ll also increase your blog’s traffic because you’re creating content that matters to the people who matter to your business.

  • Hire Help. If you’re still dreading the idea of blogging, there is help available to you. Internet databases of freelancers offer services like research, copywriting and publishing. Never spend time struggling with an inherent weakness, at the cost of one of your strengths. In other words, if blogging is taking time away from selling or public speaking (your specialties), then farm it out.
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Finding the right blogging formula is going to take time, but when you start to see a rise in interest from your followers, you’ll begin to envision all the positive possibilities ahead.

Need more advice on blogging from female entrepreneurs who have been there? Or who are experiencing similar challenges? Check out our comprehensive training Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide in the Fempire Academy. If you’re not already a member, you can click here to join.

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