Do You and Your Business Have a Tribe?


A group of female entrepreneurs embracing each other, empowering women and supports female entrepreneurs.

Everyone wants to belong.

In fact, everyone needs to belong…and strong, independent business women are no different.

At a glance, the woman who stands alone, who possesses the skills to ‘do it all,’ and who relies on no one for help or support is the epitome of personal and business success.

And yet, this self-reliant model is flawed.

Any woman can ‘go it alone’ for a period of time. Attracting the attention and admiration of those more dependent females around her. And for each one, the end of that solo run is near. How near depends on the weight of her load and her need for community, a network of support…a tribe.

Merriam Webster defines Tribe as “a group of persons having a common character, occupation or interest.”

Because you are human, and particularly because you are a woman. This is a crucial component in feeling fulfilled, in both business and in life.

Here’s why:

  • The female brain has evolved around a state of community, and now craves it. From ancient times through fairly recent times, women cared for children, gathered food and completed chores as a group. They relied on each other for encouragement and emotional support. The idea that a fiercely independent woman is stronger (and more likely to be successful). Than a tribe-reliant woman is a relatively new concept, and one that reels hard against human nature.

  • A high-quality tribe will raise motivation and fuel high expectations. What do I mean by ‘high quality’? That’s really up to you, but here’s something to guide you. As you choose those who will surround you on a daily basis (both literally and virtually). Move toward those who have accomplished more than you, who have experienced those things you wish to experience. For whom you hold immense respect…and especially those whom you feel are ‘out of your league.’ Why? Because we all rise to the expectations of those around us. (Even if those expectations exist only in our own minds). Want to know how successful you will be? Look around at your tribe. You will be the average of them all.

  • Along those same lines, a tribe keeps us accountable. As a general rule, women are selfless by nature. Even if we’re not motivated to do something for ourselves. We’ll go to the ends of the earth to accomplish that same thing for someone we care about. How much could you achieve, surrounded by people you wanted to work for (and with)?

  • No business women can survive as an island. This can be as simple as a conversation about delegation. It can be as complicated as a strategy for 360° support…from the professional to the personal. Dispose of the idea that you can do it alone. You will eventually learn that you can’t. And the degree of damage will be directly proportionate to the amount of time you spent in denial.

  • The best tribes are those that support with honest assessments. For the same reason you might hire a business consultant. To pick through processes and pinpoint those things that are holding your company back. You can turn to your tribe for ideas about how to improve your business and your life. Those that care the most about you and your success. Are the ones who will be the most open and honest with you.

  • With a tribe, you can satisfy your need to give. Having a tribe isn’t all about taking; it’s about giving to gain. You’re a woman, and that means you have an inner desire to share your time and talents. To give of yourself at the deepest level. Other members of your tribe will feel this same compulsion. Put it all together and you have a community of people helping people. The way we were created, born and meant to live.

Do you have a tribe in place? At work? In school? At home? At play? If you do, you have felt the incomparable benefits. And are able to attribute many of your successes to your belonging there.

If not, and you’re craving that sense of belonging—that communal motivation and support. Then I suggest that you search out those women (and men) who share common interests. And who want to tap into the innately human need to travel forward as a tribe.

Not sure where to start? How about right here?

The Fempire Academy not only provides the training and resources. Necessary for experiencing success as an entrepreneur. There’s a community forum designed to sponsor mutual support and a group-learning atmosphere. This is our tribe. Join us, won’t you?

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