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Discover Your Ideal Brand Archetype

Does your business have a brand? And furthermore, does your brand have core values and a purpose that ultimately translate into something that feels like a personality? If so, you’re oh-so-close to establishing a brand archetype. Archetypes are a concept that has existed for many years, with roots set deep in Greek mythology. However, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that this concept was given its name. Carl Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology, discovered that humans have a...

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How to Create A Powerful Tagline that Sells

Apple told you to think different. Volkswagen said to think small. Samsung said to do what you can’t. And Skittles just wants you to taste the rainbow.  Tagline, Strapline, Slogan…whatever you call it, your brand name isn’t complete without one.  A good tagline should articulate the value that people can expect from your brand, while positioning your brand in the market. For small businesses who rely more heavily on print marketing, taglines are essential. They make it clearer to...

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