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9 Reasons A Niche Market Could Explode Your Business

As you build your business model, you will invariably come upon a choice: Should I serve a large industry or a niche market?  It may be tempting to choose a large industry. The bigger customer base, broader audience, and large profit margin make a compelling case.  But niche markets aren’t without their benefits. A niche market, by definition is specialised to suit a very specific target market. You’re essentially filling a hole in the market, where your USP (unique selling...

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The Art of Content Marketing: How to Build Your Brand Credibility and Easily Win New Clients

Content Marketing builds trust, credibility and confidence in your brand. It provides value to the customer, and to turn your followers into paying clients. So how do you implement a Content Marketing strategy that allows you to be consistently visible, but doesn’t consume all your time? Here are 7 steps to help you build your Content Marketing strategy!

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Opportunity in the Chaos: How Fempire has Pivoted to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

These are crazy times. Less than four weeks ago, our Fempire team was busily preparing for our big national tour of Australia which would consist of a five-city tour (Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney) to inspire, educate & empower women in business with free marketing and social media trainings. Our live, in-room training events of 100+ ladies are also the way we promote our business and coaching programs to generate new clients and revenue. We’d had the biggest number of...

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