Does Intuition have a Place in Business?


Does Intuition have a Place in Business?

What comes to mind when you hear the word Intuition?

Do you get a vision of a gypsy with a crystal ball? Or one of those psychic hotlines? Or maybe some sort of beatnik character you’d find on a beach rather than in a boardroom?

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There’s no doubt that intuition does have an air of mystery about it; however, to think that it’s entirely off-the-wall or completely inaccessible to the common woman means that you’re writing off an invaluable tool…one that can help you to build and grow your business.

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Your intuition attempts to speak to you every day, in words, sounds, visions, smells, feelings, emotions, sensations and so much more. It has seen and experienced things that add to your psyche’s massive bank of subconscious awareness, and it’s all there just waiting for you to access it and use it to make important decisions.

Problems arise when we don’t acknowledge the messages our intuition sends us, or when we don’t keep the pathways between our subconscious and conscious minds open.

What’s Blocking Your Intuition?

It’s not that you don’t have the power (believe me, you do), it’s just that you’ve:

  • Lost the intuitive ability you had as a child.

  • Wrote your intuition off as “just a feeling” and learned to block messages from your subconscious.

  • Forgotten what it’s like to listen to internal messages and trust in them.

  • Disregarded intuitive messages for fear of others’ judgments.

  • You’ve ignored your intuition because you’ve been taught that the “thinking” brain is the higher, more reliable source..

Women move away from dependence on their intuition for a number of reasons, and I’ll bet you can relate to at least a few of these points.

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As women, we highly skilled at observing what’s going on around us, with a special talent for reading nonverbals, and then applying what we learn to future situations, even if we’re not consciously aware that we’re doing it.

We grew up fully recognising how this worked for us—in play groups, in friend circles and in romantic relationships.

And yet, the brakes were applied (either by you or for you) when it came to business.

You were taught that business is all about math, statistics and facts. No room for creative thinking or independent exploration. Business is rational. Business is predictable. Also, Business is calculated.

At least that’s what you’ve been told.

And yet here you are, searching for something that’s been missing in your business-building journey. You feel reluctant to take risks, you know you’re just following the pack…and every day, it’s like something is missing—something that would make this thing all your own.

That thing is intuition!

Why You Need to Listen to that Little Voice

Please understand: I’m not negating the need for numbers and facts in business. At the end of the day, you’ve got to make sure you’re realising a profit, or you’ll have no business to run.

However, at the beginning of the day, you can promise yourself that you’ll listen to that little voice in your head that knows the score—whether you’re ready to believe it or not.

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Over the years, you have blocked your channel to your subconscious. Thanks to erroneous information and discouragement from naysayers.

Intuition most definitely has a place in business, and following their intuition has often set the most successful businesswomen apart.

So start listening to your gut, or your conscience, or that little voice in your head that keeps nagging you to just take a chance and do it!

It’s time to own your intuition and use it to grow your business and make better decisions.


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And if you’d like help accessing your intuition and growing your confidence as a businesswoman, get in touch and book a discovery call with one of our expert coaches!

Has your intuition helped you succeed in business or steered you down a particular path? Let us know in the comments xx

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