Meet our Newest Fempire Certified Coach, Angie Giltner!


Newest Fempire Certified Coach, Angie Giltner.


My name is Angie Giltner – I’m an expert Fempire Certified Master Coach, author, business growth queen, and trailblazer!

Thank you for making the time to read a little bit about me.

So who am I? 

Well, the most important thing to know about me is this. I’m success obsessed, and max level passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs who want to attract their ideal customer. And grow their businesses to the next preferred level! 

And with my background in social work, I know how to quickly move you from self-doubt to confident businesswoman. 

I truly believe that TOGETHER, we’ll move mountains!”

In addition to almost 10 years as a successful entrepreneur. I come to you with 28 years experience as a leadership development coach. A trainer for the social services, social worker, chemical dependency counsellor. Also, certified human trafficking investigator, guardian ad litem, adoption assessor and court investigator. 

I also have a master’s degree in organizational leadership. 

Can you tell I love to learn? 

What is a Trailblazer?

Imagine this… yesterday’s women settlers navigated long dusty roads with no superstores, gas stations, or drive-thru windows. They travelled by foot, carried young children and peed on their dresses (think about it)

They experienced marauders who wanted to steal their possessions and often went days without access to food or water. Their list of struggles goes on and on. 

Of this I’m certain…they were trailblazers!

When I think of historic trailblazers, I envision women settlers trekking across the globe seeking their dream home. Where they can raise a family and thrive. I think of the Titan herself. Oprah Winfrey and other sheroes who have shattered the glass ceiling and are changing the world. In fact, Time Magazine has even created an edition solely dedicated to women who are trailblazers. It’s a really great read, you can check it out here if you’re curious.

We are Trailblazers!

Some of you may think of smoking cannabis while hiking. Others may think of the women who are highly active in the feminist movement. You may even be thinking of yourself! 

As any expert will tell you, trailblazers are those who are willing to go first. Take the path less travelled, learn the hard lessons, and pave the way for the next generation.  

Trailblazers are those who are willing to go first, take the path less travelled, learn the hard lessons, and pave the way for the next generation. #fempirecoach Click To Tweet

Lord knows I’ve learned countless lessons the hard way. 

My book, Don’t Just Try, Do “IT” For Your Why! is riddled with humorous accounts of personal. And professional triumphs and lessons learned. 

I’ve trailblazed certain paths…the hard way…so you don’t have to. 

Nonetheless, I’m proudly a trailblazer and would do it all over again. If it meant other women didn’t have to struggle!  

I believe that my efforts (along with other like-minded women) will change the world’s perspective of women. Create a legacy of equality, and eradicate the glass ceiling. I’m paving the way for the next generation of incredibly, amazing entrepreneurs. Who will in turn trailblaze the way for the subsequent generation. 

I believe that my efforts (along with other like-minded women) will change the world’s perspective of women, create a legacy of equality, and eradicate the glass ceiling.

Highlights of a trailblazer

Here’s a little bit more about me, my qualifications, and why I love what I do! 

  • I’m the firstborn and also the first female in my family to graduate from college. 

  • I was the first Worthy Works Award winner for my commitment to the quality of life. Social conscience, and betterment of the community. 

  • In 2017, Wayne County, Ohio named me “Woman of the Year.”

  •  In my first year in business, I earned Ohio’s Small Business Development Center’s Small Business of the Year Award. 

  • I created The Annual Power of Her® Professional Development Event, which is the first of its kind in my area.

  • My book Don’t Just Try, Do “IT” For Your Why! was #1 in educational leadership. And #1 in educational problem solving on Amazon.

  • And finally, I am the first Fempire Certified Master Coach in the U.S.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence. By every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

The Girl with the Purple Hair… and Nails

Often, as women, we apologize for asking challenging questions. Being bold enough to speak our minds, or for having different opinions. 

But seeking forgiveness can chip away our self-worth. Tells us that we’re not smart or good enough and that what we think isn’t important. 

I believe that all women deserve to feel confident, supported, and celebrated. For standing up for themselves, asking questions. Sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the world! And I believe that women have a powerful voice that deserves to be understood.

Women have a powerful voice that deserves to be understood.

Overall, I believe that women deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect… always! 

Women are unfairly judged for their weight, the length of their hair. Not having the right job title, enjoying sex, having a bad day, and so much more. 

That we must be inherently flawed beings if we don’t fit into the proverbial mould of the “ideal woman.” 

Who created this concept? 

Why does their opinion matter? 

I believe that women deserve to be true to their authentic selves in every aspect of our lives. 

Be Your Authentic Self

My outward appearance has been the focus of many people in my life. 

From never being picked as the farmer’s wife during Farmer in the Dell. (I was always the cheese that stood alone) to being bullied throughout elementary school to messages. Such as “You’d be prettier if you weren’t so heavy”.  

I’ve endured some pretty terrible verbal attacks about my appearance. 

My response to the person that thinks they’re the vision of perfection is, “Really?? You might be a decent human if you weren’t so judgmental!” 

(In all honesty, I use another illustration along with clear instructions and expletives. In my response to such ignorant comments, but I cleaned it up for you.)

Anyhow, I was mostly happy and okay with who I was inside and out. 

Yet, my beliefs didn’t make a whole lot of sense. How could I be content with who I am when kids didn’t want to be around me. Because “being fat was contagious?” (a courtesy message from one of my bullies). 

Why did people feel that my weight out shadowed my beauty?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were times when individual attempts to shame me. Ate away portions of my soul, but for the most part, I was okay! I saw something in the mirror that no one else seemed able to see. 

Despite my outward society-imposed ‘flaws’, I was happy being me. 

I’m a person of integrity and an excellent listener. I’m a strong, confident, intelligent, and creative hard worker. Who never fails because I won’t quit until I find a solution. I love to celebrate other women’s successes! 

And my favourite characteristic of all, I’m funny AF! 

I’ve learned that I’m TRULY happiest when I’m just me. Wearing shorts in the winter, rocking an adorable purple (sometimes black) bathing suit in my pool, and making people laugh. I finally figured out how I could be content in the face of adversity. 

I’ve learned that I’m TRULY happiest when I’m just me…wearing shorts in the winter, rocking an adorable purple (sometimes black) bathing suit in my pool, and making people laugh.

I’m unapologetically true to my authentic self. 

In short, I live my life and run my business as authentic Angie. Haters are gonna hate, but they have no place in my life. Their opinion of me is none of my business! At the end of the day, I’m Angie. And no one (or no words) have the power to take that away from me.

There’s nothing stronger than a woman who is unapologetically true to her authentic self for she loves herself enough to never settle, know her worth, speak her mind, and act with integrity!

Angie Giltner

So, thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. 

You have a choice on how you spend your time. I’m grateful that you chose to spend it getting to know me a little better. 

If you allow me the privilege of working with you. I will help you skyrocket your business – overcome imposter syndrome, attract your ideal customer. Grow your business to the next preferred level, and become the confident and savvy businesswoman you desire to be!

TOGETHER, we’ll move mountains!

You may not remember my name. But you’ll never forget “the girl with the purple hair” that rises 3-4 inches above her very round head. Whose purple nails are always highlighted in glitter. (glitter just makes me happy) And a smile that lights up a room.


If you’d like to talk to Angie about Coaching. And how she can help you grow your business, you can do that right now! You can book a call with her here.

And please welcome Angie into the sisterhood and leave her a comment below!! xox

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  1. Sarah Green

    Oh Angie! Hiiii!!

    I feel we are kindred spirits!

    From the coloured hair (I’m hopefully getting back to my coloured hair soon), to embracing your self worth and owning your body image, to living as your authentic self, to your passion about small biz and empowering others, to your love of glitter! (And also some of those previous career choices!!)

    We are DEFS like minded!

    Welcome welcome welcome – I’m so excited by your energy!


    • Angie Giltner

      Sarah, aren’t you just the sweetest! I appreciate the kind words & look forward to seeing your new hairdo. Let your shine, girl!

      • Cindy

        Congratulations to you and for helping take authentic leadership to the next level for women! You go girl!

        • Angie Giltner

          Cindy, thanks so much! I’m ready to move mountains 🙂

  2. Marnie LeFevre

    Angie, it’s so exciting to welcome you as our first global coach! Taking Fempire to the world has been scary/exciting and I’m so grateful to have you on this journey with us! Yay! Mxx

    • Angie Giltner

      Marnie, I LOVE your mission & vision. I’m super excited to be a part of the Fempire Sisterhood & look forward to furthering Fempire’s mission in the states. “TOGETHER, we’ll move mountains!”

  3. Treah Knight

    ANNNGIIIIIEEEE! WOW what a story from an incredible trailblazer. It feels like this has been such a long time coming, and every time we talk I feel more excited to have you as a sister coach!

    Love, love, love everything about this article and your ethos.

    Thanks so much for sharing and WELCOME!

    T xx

    • Angie Giltner

      Treat, I appreciate your kind words & support. I look forward to learning from you & growing with you & all the other Fempire Coaches! xoxo Angie

  4. Susan Weidensaul Brown

    Angie!!!! Congratulations. I am completely high 5’ing you over and over as I read your piece above. You SPEAK a beautiful language. 💪🏼

    • Angie Giltner

      Susan, I appreciate your support & kind words. It’s amazing how our life lessons teach us to be stronger than we ever thought possible 🙂

  5. Angela

    Angie–Your humor is the one thing I remember about you from HS. So happy you’ve embraced it and use it in the best possible way to empower yourself and others to do good in this world. Too many others have allowed society and others to squelch their genuine identities. Bravo to my fellow “Authentic Self” sister—together we have much more work to do 🙂

  6. Angie Giltner

    Angela, I’ve always been the class clown LOL I love that you’re forwarding the mission of empowering women to be true to their authentic selves. Keep up the great work 🙂

  7. Jerri Murphy

    That’s wonderful Angie

    • Angie Giltner

      Aww thanks, Jerri! xoxo


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