Grow Your List with our Top 10 Lead Magnets


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What could you do with a bigger and better list?
Would you grow your network?
Serve more of your target market to make more conversions?
Spur a spectacular word-of-mouth advertising campaign?

A big list is great; a list filled with quality connections and your ideal clients is even better.

So how can a female business owner build that list with the kinds of people who will help to grow her brand?

The answer is Lead Magnets. Today, you’re going to learn about the top ten most effective ones—for attracting a limitless number of the right people to your business.

What’s a Lead Magnet?

According Power Digital Marketing, lead magnet is basically a free gift. Something of value given to consumers in exchange for their contact details.

Notice the word value. Any business’s lead magnet(s) should be specifically developed for its particular market. Tailored to the needs, preferences and problems of the members of that market. When developing lead magnets, it’s important to offer something your ideal client wants. They can use, specifically relates to your business.

Top 10 Most Effective Lead Magnets

The effectiveness of any given lead magnet will shift along with consumer trends. Current events & other market and economic factors.

What doesn’t change is the need to evaluate your particular target market regularly. To ensure that you’re delivering the highest possible value…to get the best possible leads.

Here are the ten types of lead magnets we currently find to be most effective, in no particular order:

  1. Reports impart exclusive data, relevant to the need you’re proposing to meet
  2. Guides give step-by-step procedures and advice for accomplishing something
  3. Free Trials offer a taste of what can be expected with longer-term commitment
  4. Surveys give people in your target market a voice in the future of your business and ultimately, in your industry
  5. Cheat Sheets are designed to address a difficulty and make it easier
  6. Resource Catalogs offer valuable contacts and tools for consumers interested in DIY
  7. Training Videos are also great for the DIY consumer
  8. Basic Memberships give subscribers a free sampling and help to explain your business
  9. Coupons for free or discounted merchandise or services will help to convert the timid consumer, whilst capturing their data
  10. Evaluations help interested parties gauge their own level, to determine if they need a service like yours
The best types of lead magnets not only capture contact details, they encourage purchase…or at least drum up more interest in your business. Click To Tweet

Keep this in mind when you choose which type(s) of lead magnet(s) to use. Offer value, of course…and even more than that, aim to delight your target market so they can’t help but want more.

Are you interested in continuing to learn about using lead magnets to build your email list? I will walk you through the process—choosing the best magnets for your market, creating those lead magnets, marketing and executing them, getting maximum response—in my lead magnet course called Create and Set up Lead Magnets inside the Fempire Academy.

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