The Real Value of Great Graphic Design


A female entrepreneur sitting in her desk.

What is graphic design?

Is an artist with tools far more advanced than a paintbrush just digitally ‘drawing’ pretty pictures?

Or is it the communication of ideals, values and promises through visuals? Is it problem-solving through the use of fonts, lines, shapes and colours? Is it the use of non-verbal psychology to attract, convince and win?

As you’ve probably guessed, graphic design is far more than indiscriminate images that look nice.

According too, they’re non-verbal communication, problem-solving and psychological tools. ‘Designed’ to help entrepreneurs grasp the attention of, connect with and win over members of their target markets.

Too often, female entrepreneurs like yourself overlook the value of great design. They’re preoccupied with ‘business’ and forget about how important communication (in all forms) really is.

Here are just a few ways great design can impact your business’s success:

  • Humans are optical learners, meaning that the majority of what we’re attracted to and absorb is visual. Every element of a design sends a message, and when expertly created. It can say far more than any number of words…in less than a second’s time. That’s powerful.
  • Great design adds value. Your business (your brand) will be the subject of perceptions. People in your target market, and others, will establish opinions about it. And apply those opinions to every aspect of it. Those perceptions start with your brand’s visual identity (logo, colours and other design).

  • Professional, bespoke design sets your business apart from the rest. You are a unique female entrepreneur; and therefore, your brand is unique. This high level of individuality deserves to be accurately conveyed in visual design. Because as you know, if your business gets lost in the slush pile, there it will stay.
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  • Great design conveys messages in order of importance. This is known as information hierarchy, and expert designers are trained. Must like professional journalists, to deliver the most pertinent facts first. Then offer supporting points of evidence.

  • If any business wishes to increase ROI (Return on Investment) and Lift (the increase in sales following any campaign). The design of every communication must be top-notch. This runs from your brand’s logo to the specific design of each brochure, flyer, t-shirt and newsletter. Professional design leads to better response.

  • And finally, great design tells viewers that the overall standard of the brand is high. No one is going to expect excellent product quality or customer service from a business with a shoddy logo and marketing materials.

The majority of female business owners we talk to are unsure of themselves. When it comes to design principles, the aspects of good design and more. They aren’t confident in moving forward with visuals, or in discerning good design from bad. And of those who are concerned, most of them don’t have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer.

What is a girl to do?

Well, she can become a member of our Fempire Academy and take my course: “Create Beautiful Graphics Online“. Which also touches on aspects of good design (with tips). Along with walk-throughs on using free web apps so she can create her own online graphics.

Sound like something that would benefit you and your business? Simply click here to learn more.

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