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Since Facebook changed its algorithm to promote personal connections, posts from business pages have been buried deeper and deeper in followers’ news feeds. You might see the same post from a friend over and over again, but somehow miss exciting updates from your favourite coffee shop or retailer.

Facebook tells us that the purpose is to build more quality person-to-person interactions. I think it’s also (or mostly) about convincing businesses that they need to PAY for sponsored ads in order to be seen. 🙁

But before you grab your credit card and start paying to boost posts, I have some no-cost tips for enhancing your brand’s organic reach, influence…and yes, engagement.

Increase Facebook Engagement without Paying for Ads

If you find yourself visiting your business’s Facebook page, thinking you must have missed some notifications because people have to be liking, commenting, sharing—only to find that, no, there really is nothing going on—then it’s time to take action.

Then, you’ve got to make people want to be part of that conversation.

Why? Because in order for social media to work to build your brand’s visibility, it’s got to be buzzing and active.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for Boosting Facebook Engagement, without spending money on promotion:

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Tip 1: Incentivise people to share your posts

Since Facebook is giving priority to posts from people rather than business pages, then people need to share your business posts. Ask (or incentivise) your followers to do so…and don’t forget to make your posts something they’ll want to share. Ask your team members and affiliates to share with their audiences, too. It’s quite possible that conversations will blossom from those shares.

Tip 2: Create posts that ask for opinions

Something I have always known is that people love to share their opinions and thoughts on just about any subject—especially those topics that directly affect their lives. So it would make sense that they would want to take that sharing to social media, which has become the substitute for in-person meetings of the minds. Give them a platform. And when they take it, respond with relevant, helpful information and encouragement…to keep the conversation flowing.

Tip 3: Target your posts to your followers

Make your business page posts more about your followers than about your business. For instance, if you share a story about how a popular or well-liked follower of your page is succeeding, how many comments do think that will get? How many times do you think that will be shared? Turn that spotlight around on a regular basis, you will boost Facebook engagement.

Tip 4: Be more useful, informative, relevant, or entertaining than the competition

This one is simpler to explain than it is to accomplish; however, it’s too important to overlook. If your business page is filled with value, it will get more followers, more attention, more engagement…and boom! There you go. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will be hard to duplicate the effect of building this reputation over time, and even harder to compete with.

Tip 5: Attract influencers who are active Facebook users

We all know the type: they seem to be on Facebook every day, they have thousands of friends and the conversation on their pages is rich. These are the types of people you want following your Facebook page and talking about your business—particularly if their audiences have high concentrations of your ideal customers. Get them talking on your page and give them reason to share what’s going on there. Birds of a feather flock together, so these “talkers” are going to spur other talkers to get busy promoting your brand. And if you choose your influencers well, a lot of those talkers will be your dream clients.

Tip 6: Use the Facebook Live video feature

If you follow people and pages that use it, you’ll notice that the live comment engagement is high, when compared to that of static posts. That’s because people know you’re right there, seeing their words, paying direct attention to what they have to say. It’s most like a “real” conversation, and people are craving that.

Tip 7: Think like a person not a company

If you want more Facebook engagement, you’ve got to start thinking more like a person and less like a company. Click To Tweet

People want to know who’s behind the brand; they want to forge connections that make them feel good about spending their money. So get a little personal. Build your personal brand with Facebook engagements and interaction. Drop the curtain and give people a glimpse of the woman behind the logo.

Tip 8: Make the most of hashtags

Use hashtags to make sure your business page is showing up in search. Hashtags have come to be known as trendy, funny or clever little phrases—when they’re really all about creating searchable tags for your posts. If you include #getinshape in your next post, anyone who searches Facebook for “get in shape” will find your business. So, keep those hashtags very specific and highly relevant, according to whom you’d like to attract and engage.

Tip 9: Engage in problem solving

Solve problems, right there on your Facebook page. Too often, social media is used as a funnel tool; to send people to other places where they can learn how to solve their problem. Instead, I would suggest that you give people answers and engage in pointed conversation right there, in Facebook comments. Of course, if the conversation gets personal, take it to Messenger, email or phone. And if it starts to sound like a lead, send them to where they can get more information. But in general, stop using Facebook to direct traffic. Engage people right there, while you have their attention and you can maintain it.

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Tip 10: Invite followers to share

We already talked about putting the spotlight on your page’s followers. You can take that even farther by inviting active supporters and engagers to share some of their own material. Maybe this means inviting people to share their latest blog posts or information on their upcoming events in the comments. Or, maybe it means asking an influencer to create a video exclusive to your page and tailored to your audience. Remember, people are still asking “what’s in it for me?” Give them the answer to that question within seconds of them interacting with your brand, and your Facebook engagement will skyrocket.


I talk with a lot of female entrepreneurs who aren’t comfortable using social media, or they just don’t feel that they have time to engage with followers. And as a result, their businesses are suffering.

Remember that you don’t have to manage social media accounts on your own. Social media managers are out there, waiting to learn all about your brand so they can interact as you, to expertly build engagement and online visibility for your business.

If you need a reference, the members of the Fempire Academy can help. Learn more about the academy or become a member by clicking here.

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  1. Edilene

    I’ve learned so much for this article, Thanks! I’m running to my page to try to engage with my followers!!!!

  2. Rachael Hartley

    Loved this article! Great to read such easy to follow information on marketing in social media, I will put these ideas to use today! Thankyou.

    • Marnie LeFevre

      That’s great to hear Rachael! So glad it got you motivated to take action!! Mx

  3. Deb Bowey - Miss WordsWorks

    Awesome article – I would add to be authentic, keep it real and speak in the first person, ie as if you are talking directly to a trusted friend – one-on-one. Only this friend is a bit selfish and it’s all about them so keep this in mind when you are writing content or scripting for video.

  4. Deb Bowey - Miss WordsWorks

    Great Article – remember to speak in the first person, so directly one-on-one as if you are talking to a trusted friend, only it’s a selfish friend who really wants you to be all about them.

  5. eliza ryding

    very helpful informtion


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