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Building a Personal Brand. Woman taking a Selfie.

So, you’ve built your business brand? And you think that’s all you’ll need to be a woman of influence?

I’m sorry, but you’re not finished.

Those who will follow you—who will buy from you and remain loyal to you—want to know who you are, why you’re on this mission, what motivates you, what lights you up…and why you want to help them.

They want to decide for themselves if they feel a kinship with you; if your business is one they can believe in and want to support.

How are you going to do all that if you’re hiding behind a logo?

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‘Brand’ is all about public perceptions, and unless you have some influence in that, you’re going to be viewed in a certain light. If you’re lucky, that light will match your authentic aura. If you don’t (the numbers all lean in this direction), you will cast yourself as a character that doesn’t even resemble your true self.

Now that you know why you need a personal brand. Here’s how you can start to build one:

Identify your Unique Qualities and Market Them

  • According to, your personal brand is like a business in itself. People will come to know you for one (or a few) of your most distinctive qualities, so it’s important to use what’s unique about you to build a persona that’s memorable and different from the competition.

Set up Google Alerts and Search Social Media for Your Name

  • What are people saying about you? What are their impressions about you? These are important things to know, especially as you work to mold perceptions with a personal brand. Will you fuel the fire others have lit in your name? Will you work to extinguish it? Or will you simply change the direction of the wind that’s driving it?

Build a Personal Website (or at least a page)

  • People want to get to know you before they make the decision to do business with you. Give them something to sink their teeth into—not just the typical dry bio. Be you. Show your personality and what’s important to you. Demonstrate your values and don’t just tell them what makes you unique. Show them.

Use Social Media and All its Benefits

  • Is there any better place to express yourself (on an international stage) than social media? Everything you write, share, record, photograph…contributes to perceptions about your personal brand. And everything you post builds that personal brand. Engage with those who comment on your posts, and go to their pages and comment on their posts, too. Forget about appealing to the masses, and instead work to express the unique qualities that make you unique and that will appeal to your ideal clients.

Grasp Opportunities to ‘Take the Stage

  • Whether it’s a literal speaking engagement, like a seminar or radio guest spot, or an online offer to publish a thought-leadership article, grasp as many opportunities to build your personal brand as you can. Use this time to speak from the heart, to be honest about why you want to serve, and those people who are ‘perfect’ for your business will be moved and want to learn more.

I think you would agree that if people buy from people, you have to be a real person in order to get that chain reaction going. Are you being open and authentic in your interactions with your target audience and the general public? Are you giving people the information they need to decide if you’re the businesswoman for them? If not, then it’s time to get started…using the tips I’ve outlined above as well as the resources in the Fempire Academy. It’s the place where female entrepreneurs are gathering to learn, network, support and be supported. Learn more by clicking here.

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