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The Real Value of Great Graphic Design

What is graphic design? Is it just pretty pictures digitally 'drawn' by an artist with tools far more advanced than a paintbrush? Or is it the communication of ideals, values and promises through visuals? Is it problem-solving through the use of fonts, lines, shapes and colours? Is it the use of non-verbal psychology to attract, convince and win? As you've probably guessed, graphic design is far more than indiscriminate images that look nice. They're non-verbal communication,...

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he Real Value of Great Graphic Design

Understanding your Target Market – How Important is it?

We have a $1 jar at work. It is not a swear jar (though we might benefit from one of those as well!), it is a jar for every time a new client tells us their target market is “everyone”. The jar is getting close to full! If you sell say recipe books online is your market the 90 year old in the nursing home who has no computer and who has their meals cooked for them? Do 10 year olds buy your service? I know this is extreme, however lets strip it back to people who just don’t like to...

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