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Find your Target Market? Imagine having an entire pool of ideal clients just waiting to hear from you. To interact with your business and to buy from it. As a woman in business, you’ve probably got lots of friends and associates. Who are willing to support your work and to spread the word about you. But how many of them are your dream clients?

Thank your family and friends for their help. And then set out to find the group of people who have been waiting for a brand just like yours. This group does exist. It’s called your target market and your number-one job, right now, is to find it.

Look in All the Right Places for Your Target Market

When opening a small business, too many women focus only on the city in which the business will be operating. That’s okay if you’re starting a restaurant or some other type of community-based service. However, the chances of finding your target market in your own hometown are pretty slim.

The other mistake I see is the spray-and-pray method, in which business owners market to everyone. Hoping that all the right ones will respond. This tends to have an undesirable effect. The people who cannot identify with the message will develop a poor opinion of the brand. And share that opinion with others including your ideal clients.

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How can you do that?

You can answer these questions:

Who are they?

  • I’m not just talking about gender, age and relationship status. I’m talking about the problem they’re experiencing (that you can solve). Their life stage, their mentality and understanding about the solution you’re selling. Their relationship to your product’s end user, their readiness to buy. All the other factors that will separate your ideal client from your not-so-ideal clients.

Where do they go?

  • Where do they work? Where and how do they spend their spare time? Where do they go when they need support…or a solution…or advice? How and where do they celebrate victories? The answers to these types of questions will give you clues into your target market members’ hang outs. So you will know where to find them.

How do they get their information?

  • Some people turn to social media; others turn to the nightly TV news. Some get their information from talk radio. Others chat with friends (who listen to talk radio, use social media or watch TV). Getting your business into this information stream will prove invaluable. As you work to put your brand in front of your target market.

How do they make decisions?

  • Most consumers go ‘somewhere’ for help with decision making. Maybe they consult with friends. Maybe they turn to social media for opinions. They might pray, and they might put the choice in someone else’s hands. No matter how your ideal client makes his or her decisions. It’s important that your brand be in the place where they’re at in crucial times. Either with the advice necessary for deciding. Or in the minds of those people who are helping your target market members.

Where do they find others like themselves?

  • This is huge, because when you find one ideal client, you’re likely to find more. People with goals (and problems) in common are attracted to one another. And they gather in places where they can solve problems, vent about poor situations and rejoice in victories together. That can be a support group, a club, an online forum. A social media group or any number of other organisations. Work hard to find these places and put your brand in front of the entire group. Either through your own power or through a member’s recommendation.

In looking for your target market, you’ll find that you have to answer some WHO, WHAT and HOW questions on the way to the big WHERE.

That’s because in order to find your dream clients. You’ll have to learn to understand their preferences, their behaviours and more.

Find your target market, it doesn’t have be a solo project. There are lots of resources and guidance available to you in the Fempire Academy. Including our course on “Identifying Your Target Market“, with full workbook. You can access the course, along with many others by becoming a member. Click here to learn more about joining the Academy.

Let us know who your target market is in the comments below!

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