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When it comes to marketing and branding, it’s critical that you touch people where they live, with the kind of information they want, delivered in the way they prefer to receive it.

As female entrepreneurs, business owners, brand builders and marketers, we know that it matters what our target markets have to say about how we’re communicating and interacting with them. Do they want images? Text? Video?

If your target market is typical, it’s filled with consumers who prefer to absorb information digitally — that’s audio/visually…with video.

And many of them prefer live video over pre-recorded video. So much more that they’re watching three times more live video than any other type. Why? Because they say it’s…

  • current
  • uncut
  • interactive
  • authentic
  • human
  • exciting

Surprised? Think about your own impressions of live television. What does it have over pre-recorded programming?

Think back to the last time you heard that a show was going to broadcast live. Were you more interested in watching? Even if that reason was only to see if any bloopers happened on live TV?

Now consider that there are even more people watching Facebook Live videos than live television programming, and you might start to grasp how important it is that you utilise this app for building and growing your business.

Engage your Target Market with Facebook Live

When you “go live” on Facebook, you’re accomplishing a number of things that are unachievable with pre-recorded video—or with other live streaming apps, for that matter.

  • Facebook Live is the largest platform for live video streaming available to you at this time, with two billion monthly users. That’s half a billion more than YouTube, and projections say numbers will continue to grow.
  • There’s no need to worry about a polished, buttoned-up video when you use Facebook Live. In fact, users prefer it because they expect to be surprised and endeared by your candour and authenticity.
  • Live video offers a sense of immediacy and excitement that other forms of communication can’t. You can circulate all sorts of hype for a grand opening or a new product release; however, a still image or pre-recorded video will never over-deliver like a live broadcast can.
  • The level of engagement you can achieve with Facebook Live will blow other methods away. You can welcome people in real time, using their names. You can answer their questions within seconds and interact with them in a very real way. This is the best kind of relationship-building you can get, whilst conversing with people from all corners of the earth.
  • With Facebook Live, the level of engagement you work to achieve will be rewarded almost immediately. The more people you attract to your video, and the more people you encourage to engage…the more people will be exposed to your live video content. That’s visibility at its finest, which leads to growth!
  • And something that every marketer is concerned with: Facebook Live costs your business nothing except the time you spend broadcasting. Of course, you can choose to enhance the quality of your live videos with higher quality equipment…but we simply can’t ignore the fact that you can go live using only your smartphone.

If you’re even the slightest big intrigued by what your business can accomplish with Facebook Live, then you won’t want to miss my Masterclass in the Fempire Academy. I’ll be talking about what Facebook Live can do, how you can use it, how to come up with ideas for broadcasts, how to effectively engage viewers…and so much more, including a Q&A session.

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