101 Sensational Social Media Post Ideas


Have you ever sat down in front of your computer, knowing you need to post something to your business’s social media page and found yourself staring at the blinking cursor for an inordinate amount of time? Its little flashing bar taunting you as it reminds you of how much time is ticking away?

Do you feel like when you do post, you come across sounding stiff and somewhat like a broken record?

You’re not alone.

When it comes to social media, one of the biggest struggles we find entrepreneurs face is not knowing what they should post. Coming up with a social media schedule can turn into an incredibly time-consuming task, and one that you might find yourself trying your hardest to avoid. 

Coming up with ideas for social media is a difficult task and you may end up sounding like a broken record. 

But fear not! If you’ve taken a trip to Struggle Town on your search for fresh content for your social media, then I’ve got you covered. The team at Fempire put their heads together and came up with 101 post ideas to get your engagement flowing, followers growing, and business booming! 

101 sensational social media post ideas to get your engagement flowing, followers growing, and business booming! Click To Tweet

Are these Post Ideas for Me? 

Yes, of course! 

The post ideas are not industry or business-specific – they have been designed to suit businesses from all walks of life! So, whether you’re a solopreneur or you have a growing fempire, these ideas will fit in perfectly for you and your business.   

It’s important to note that these have been designed to work best with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to be on all of these platforms. We recommend that you do your research and figure out the main one or two platforms that your target market use and focus your attention there.

Do your research and figure out the main one or two platforms that your target market use and focus your attention there. Click To Tweet

Now, let’s get cracking and move on to the sensational social media post ideas!

101 Sensational Social Media Post Ideas 

Download all 101 Sensational Social Media Post Ideas!

This free download lists all 101 ideas in a simple, printable PDF. Print it out and keep it on your desk for easy reference!

1. Share a fun graphic 

Fun graphics are a great example of light-hearted content that will appeal to your audience and make you seem more relatable.

2. Share a funny meme 

Memes are a fun and entertaining way to promote engagement. Just make sure you’re only posting memes that are appropriate and won’t act to tarnish your professionalism.

3. Share an interesting statistic 

A statistic can help to inform and educate your audience about something relevant to your industry. It may also act as a good opportunity to get the conversation flowing.

4. Post a branded image

A branded image will feature your brand colour/s, use your brand font and brand imagery. Canva is a great tool to use to help you create your branded images.

5. Post a boomerang

Boomerangs are a great opportunity to share something that’s happening right now in a fun and quirky way. They’re essentially a short video that plays forwards then backwards on a loop.

6. Share an animated GIF 

GIFs are images that support animation and are typically small snippets of a video that plays in an infinite loop. They give you the opportunity to have fun and to entertain your followers. Giphy is a great resource for finding the perfect GIF or to help you create your own.

7. Post a branded video

A branded video can be any sort of video you create for your brand. It could be promotional, educational or entertaining – whatever you need. Not all videos you create need to be highly produced though, don’t let perfection stand in the way!

8. Discount/promotional offer

Reward your fans occasionally by letting them know about any promotions you’re running. Don’t just post the once though, create some reminder posts too so they don’t miss it!

9. Ask your followers a general question

Asking your audience a question is a great way to promote engagement and create a sense of community. General questions don’t need to be related to your business, but make sure it’s about a topic that your target market might chime in on.

10. Ask your followers an industry question

Asking your followers industry-related questions is a great way to gain some insight on their thoughts about your business or your industry, which could give you some great ideas for new products or services.

11. Answer a frequently asked question

Are there questions you get asked a lot? If so, some of your followers may want to know the answer too! Compile a list of your most asked questions, and create one post for each question and answer them. You could answer questions in text form or video. Mix it up!

12. Share a productivity tip or trick

Most people feel that they’re time-poor. Enrich your audience with a productivity tip or trick to help a sister out. Maybe also ask your audience what their favourite productivity tip is to boost engagement.

13. Share something you do to stay motivated

Motivation is a struggle faced by many people. By sharing a piece of advice on how you can stay motivated, you will seem more relatable and approachable to your audience. Continue the conversation by asking your audience for their tips on staying motivated.

14. Share what you’re doing right now

There’s no time like the present! Social media is all about what’s happening right now. Always be on the lookout for a social-media-worthy task that you might be doing.

This could be having a team meeting, taking a walk in your lunch break, something interesting you see during your day…get creative! Commit to analysing the tasks you do in a day and challenge yourself to finding something post-worthy.

15. ‘Day in the life’

A ‘day in the life’ post will give your audience a sneak-peek into the day-to-day going ons of your business. This could be made in one post/video, or a number throughout the day. Consider adding things to your Facebook or Instagram story to show the progression of your day.

16. Behind-the-scenes at the office

Similar to a ‘day in the life’ post, a ‘BTS’ post provides a glimpse into the day-to-day running of your business.

This could be showing the team working on an upcoming project, a behind-the-scenes look into your office or stockroom, backstage at an event you’re running, anything that your audience might find interesting that they wouldn’t normally see.

17. Testimonial quote

Sharing a testimonial is a great way to boost your credibility, establish yourself as an expert in your industry, and to convert your audience into clients!

Testimonials are called ‘social proof’ and they help to break down any barriers and uncertainties that your audience may have to convince them that your business is legitimate and worthwhile.

18. Breaking news

Sharing breaking news, whether it be your own or related to your industry, is a great way to inform your audience and demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse.

19. Contest/giveaway 

A contest or giveaway is a great little way to promote engagement, grow your audience, increase brand exposure and generate new leads. Pick a prize that is directly related to your business that your target market will love. Also try to ensure that the prize is something that doesn’t cost you much in time or money, but is valuable to your audience.

20. Run a poll

A poll is an easy and fun way to boost engagement and gain feedback from your audience – it feels good to be heard! Your poll can be about something directly related to your business or it could be something fun just for entertainment and engagement.

21. Run a ‘reaction poll’ 

A reaction poll is when you ask a question on Facebook, and pose up to 6 multiple choices. You ask your audience to add a reaction to your post that corresponds to the answer they choose. It’s a different way of asking your audience a question and may help boost engagement. However, be aware that this type of poll may not work as expected if Facebook continues to hide the number of likes and reactions. With that said though, it’s still a great way to promote engagement, and as the admin of the page, you’ll be able to see the number of votes per reaction and can update your audience with the poll results.

Image of Facebook Reactions

22. Video training

A video training is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Pre-film or do a live video educating your followers about something pertaining to your work. For example, if you’re a crafter, teach your audience a crafting tip or show them how to make something.

23. Fun fact about your business

Posting a fact about your business will help to educate your audience about who you are and what you do.

24. Fun fact about you

Letting your audience know a little bit more about you is a good opportunity to make you and your business more approachable and relatable.

25. Share an industry article

Sharing an article pertaining to your industry shows your audience that you’re across things happening in your industry and that your skills set are up-to-date with the latest trends.

26. Share your latest blog article

You want to encourage your followers to travel across your social media pages and website. A great way to do this is by sharing content posted to your website on your social media. Try to find different ways that you can promote your article across the different platforms to really leverage the content.

27. Turn a blog article into a video

Repurpose your content by turning a blog article into a video. You can post the video to multiple social media channels. This will boost your blog traffic and create more engaging content.

28. Link to a guest post

If you’re running a blog on your website, consider allowing other industry experts to write a guest post for your blog. Also be on the lookout for websites that may allow you to write an article to post to their blog. When you have these published, make sure you promote them by posting to social media.

29. Reshare old popular blog posts

If you’ve got old content that achieved a lot of engagement, capitalise on those past successes and repost it!

30. Repurpose content into micro-content

There are many different ways that you can turn one piece of content into many other pieces of ‘micro-content’. For example, say you have a pretty in-depth blog article, you could take out statistics or quotes from it and turn each of them into posts to share.

Perhaps you could turn your article into a free ebook? Or create Pins for Pinterest with each of your main points? Think about the different ways you can leverage that one piece of content.

31. Share company accomplishments

If your business has had some significant accomplishments lately, tell your audience all about them!

32. Round-up post

Summarise your week/month in a post then share it across your platforms! This will help to keep your audience up-to-date with what’s going on in your business and industry.

33. Share user-generated content

Sharing a photo posted by a fan, or with a fan, not only makes your business look good, but it also encourages other fans to post on social media and spread the word about your business! (Just make sure you get the fan’s permission first.)

34. Highlight a product or service

Remember the old rule of thumb for social media marketing… 20% of your posts should promote and 80% should educate, inform, and engage. So every once in a while it’s A-OK to shamelessly promote your products or services.

35. Thank your followers

Thanking your followers will help promote loyalty by making them feel as though they are involved in your journey.

36. Inspirational quote

Inspirational quotes can generate a lot of engagement and can be very relatable for audiences. Just make sure that the quote you share is truly worth it and relevant to your business/industry!

37. Tip of the day

Educate and motivate your followers by posting a tip of the day that is relevant to your industry.

38. Make a recommendation

Providing valuable recommendations will help to establish your credibility, professionalism and expertise in your industry. It also helps to establish trust with your audience.

39. Challenge your followers

Challenge your followers (or yourself) to something that is industry-specific. This will help generate engagement and get the conversation flowing. For example, if you’re in the fitness industry, create a fitness challenge where you encourage your followers to take selfies and tag you in their posts showing how they’re going with the challenge.

40. Share a survey

Running a customer survey via social media is a great way to get valuable feedback from your audience. You can achieve this by either using the poll feature or linking to a third-party survey site externally.

41. Announce an upcoming competition/launch

By announcing an upcoming competition or launch, you will create buzz and anticipation amongst your followers. This will get them excited and ready for when you eventually release it!

Download all 101 Sensational Social Media Post Ideas!

This free download lists all 101 ideas in a simple, printable PDF. Print it out and keep it on your desk for easy reference!

42. Tell a story

Everybody loves a good story! If you’ve got something to say, weave it into a story for your followers. The story can literally be about anything interesting that’s happened. Stories help you to be more relatable.

43. Share a helpful resource

Sharing a free resource to your social media page shows your audience that you value them. It could be something you’ve found that really helped you (or you know will help your followers), or something you’ve developed yourself (that can help you capture leads).

44. Share a printable freebie

Everyone loves a good freebie, from wall art to calendars and lists. Not only are they a great way to engage with your followers, but they also present an ideal opportunity to grow your email list!

45. Promote a free e-course

An e-course is a great way to help establish yourself as a leader in your industry and capture new leads. When you’ve created it, make sure to promote it in many different ways across your social media channels.

46. Promote a webinar

Educate and engage with your audience by running a live webinar. Share it across your social media platforms to invite your followers to register.

47. Socials-only promo

By running an exclusive promotion via social media only specifically for your followers, you will make your audience feel special and valued. Consider it as a little thank you back to them!

48. Case study

Post a short case study which may be of interest to your audience. A case study also presents a great opportunity to showcase a client or customer.

49. Favourite hacks and tools

Sharing a tried and tested hack or tool is a great way to provide advice and guidance to your followers, all the while prompting them to engage.

50. What you’re working on

Keep your followers updated and involved by sharing an image or video post showing what you’re working on.

51. Backstage at an event

Give your followers an exclusive behind the scenes look at an event you’re running.

52. Encouragement

Encouraging your followers shows that you care and appreciate them. Tap into those pain points that your target market are feeling, and encourage them they can push through to their desired result!

53. Before and after

Show your followers how far you or one of your clients or customers have come by posting about a before and after. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical transformation, it could be a story post about any kind of transformation that has taken place.

54. Run a photo contest

Photo contests are a great way to get your community engaging with you. Get creative with what you ask your audience to take a photo of. For example, you could ask them to take a selfie with your product for a discount off their next purchase.

55. Post relatable ‘tag a friend’ content

You can ask your followers to tag a friend on just about any post, but these are more suited to entertainment or fun posts. Post something that you know your audience can relate to, and get them to tag their friends that would also relate.

56. ‘If you could…’ question

Similar to a ‘would you rather’ question, an ‘if you could’ will make your followers think and comment with their answers. This post could be directly related to your industry or you can make it a general life question.

57. ‘Fill in the blank’

A ‘fill in the blank’ question or statement is a good way to generate comments. You could get your followers to write their own comments for the blank sections, or get them to use predictive text on their smartphones for fun and possibly incoherent answers!

58. Share your Spotify list

Have you put together a playlist that really gets you going? Share it with your followers! It’s really easy to do, simply click the 3 dots on Spotify, click share, and then decide how you want to share it!

Sensational social media post ideas - how to share a Spotify playlist

59. Book recommendation

Reading and recommending books is a great way to stay relevant in your industry and connect with your followers.

60. ‘How to’ post

Show your audience exactly how to do something that they’ll likely want to know, in a ‘how to’ post. 

61. Show off one of your customers/clients

Share the love and show off one of your clients. This can help boost your business’s reputation because it will make you look like a leader in your industry.

62. Image puzzle

An image puzzle is where you post an image that your audience needs to solve. It could be an extreme close-up of something where they need to guess what it is, or perhaps a brain teaser like counting how many shapes they can count within a larger shape. Bonus points if you can make this related to your business, otherwise it’s usually meant as an entertainment post.

63. Throwback photo

Do you have any old photos lying around that you can share to social media? Maybe your first logo, or your first office space. Make sure to tell a story about the photo when you post it.

64. What/who inspires you?

Show a more personal side to your business by telling your followers what or who inspires you.

65. Who do you admire?

Is there someone in your life that you look up to and admire? Post about them, and maybe ask your followers to tell you who they admire in the comments.

66. One thing you can’t live without

Tell your followers about something that you simply cannot live without. This can be on a personal or a professional level.

67. Share your favourite life hack

Everyone has a lifehack up their sleeve, so help a sister out and share yours with your followers!

68. Showcase your brand

Educate and promote your brand to your followers by putting together a video or post showing it off! This is particularly handy for new followers who perhaps aren’t sure what you’re about.

69. Show a personal project

Sharing a personal project that you’re working on is a great way to open conversation between you and your followers.

70. Share the social consciousness behind your business

Educate your followers on the positive impact you are trying to make by telling them what the social consciousness is behind your business.

Download all 101 Sensational Social Media Post Ideas!

This free download lists all 101 ideas in a simple, printable PDF. Print it out and keep it on your desk for easy reference!

71. Share why you started your business

Sharing stories with your followers is a great way to connect with them. Tell them why you started your business, and perhaps things you’ve learned along the way.

72. ‘Caption this’ 

Get your followers engaged and contributing by posting a funny image and prompting them to comment their caption ideas by using a ‘Caption this’ post.

73. Share a controversial opinion

Nothing better than a little bit of controversy to get the engagement flowing!

74. Ask for feedback or advice

Asking your followers for feedback or advice presents a great opportunity to gain valuable information from your audience. It will also help to make them feel involved in your business.

75. Ask for reviews or testimonials

One of the best ways to get reviews or testimonials is to straight up ask for them!

76. Recommend someone else to follow

Share the love by recommending someone else to follow. They might recommend you back!

77. Ask your audience what they want

If you’re looking to expand your product range, introduce a new service, write new online content, release a course or run a new event, why not ask your audience what they’d like to see or learn? They are, after all, who you’re in business to serve!

78. Share your brand mission

Share your brand’s mission statement so that your followers know why you do what you do.

79. Share photos from company events

If you’re out and about with your business, make sure to take lots of photos and share them to show your followers how your company networks, celebrates and interacts with its industry and audience.

80. Introduce your team to your followers

Introducing your team via social media will show your followers that they are dealing with real people.

81. Share a team member’s story

Does a member of your team have an interesting story to tell or are they at a significant milestone in their life? Share their story (with their permission of course)!

82. Participate in popular hashtags

Stay relevant and topical by participating in popular hashtags, such as #throwbackthursday, #motivationalmonday, #QOTD, #OOTD, #photooftheday, and #tiptuesday. Do some hashtag research in your industry to see what else inspires you!

83. Highlight holidays

People want to see that you’re taking part in the holiday spirit, particularly if you’re a local business. Make sure you mark down any important dates in your social media schedule and plan to post something to celebrate the date.

84. Sneak peek of new product/service launch

Share a sneak peek of a product or service that you’re launching to help build anticipation and create a buzz.

85. Share your ‘wins’

It’s important that you celebrate your wins, no matter how small, so why not share them with your followers?

86. Interview someone

Conduct an interview with someone that your followers will find interesting. Perhaps another expert in your industry, an expert in another industry that compliments yours, or perhaps even interview a follower.

87. Share a life update 

Make your followers feel included, valued, and connected on a personal level by sharing a life update.

88. Share a ‘more about me’ post

Sharing updates that give more of a glimpse into who you are and why you do what you do is a great way to help your followers feel a little more connected to you.

89. Influencer takeover

Having an influencer take over your social accounts for a day is a great way to cross-promote, collaborate and combine two audiences for increased engagement.

90. Share your goals

You can achieve your goals faster by telling others what they are, so why not share them with your followers? This could inspire your followers to set goals too.

91. Go live

Posting a live video is a great way to connect with your followers. Consider sharing your knowledge and expertise by taking a deep dive into a topic relevant to your industry on a live video, or maybe just let them know what you’re up to!

92. A trip down memory lane 

Do you have a story to tell about something significant that happened on this day or this month in the past? Share it!

93. A history lesson

Share a story about the journey to now of your business. Be sure to include any interesting learnings you’ve had along the way.

94. Something you’re grateful for 

Expressing gratitude and appreciation is an activity that everyone should be doing daily. You can share your gratitude with your followers!

95. A significant moment 

People love to hear a good story. Incorporate storytelling into your posts occasionally and let your audience in on who you are and how you got to where you are.

96. A common misconception

Consumers often have common misconceptions when it comes to your industry, but these can be a great basis for some social media content!

97. Share an infographic 

We live in an age where people are overloaded with information. That means getting your message out there can be very difficult. Infographics are a great and attractive way to communicate a message and stand out to your audience. Piktochart is an awesome resource if you’re looking to create infographics.

98. Highlight a supporter

Giving a shoutout to those who support you is a great way of expressing your appreciation and gratitude. None of us can go it alone, let your followers know about your biggest supporters.

99. Conduct a live Q&A

Live Q&As are great when you have an engaged community. Let them know when you’ll be live and then go live at that time. You can set a topic for the Q&A or you can allow your followers to ask you anything.

100. Reshare photos/posts

If you see something you like on the platform, go ahead and share it with your followers! Not every single post needs to be 100% original.

101. An ‘in case you missed it’ post

To maximise the traffic to your website when you post new content, or to ensure you reach a majority of your audience after announcing something important, an ‘in case you missed it’ (or ICYMI) post can come in handy.

Download all 101 Sensational Social Media Post Ideas!

This free download lists all 101 ideas in a simple, printable PDF. Print it out and keep it on your desk for easy reference!

Putting these Ideas Into Practice  

Now that you’ve packed your brain full of fresh ideas for social media, it’s important to touch on how you can put them into practice. 

When posting on social media, consistency is key. Something that has helped me significantly to turn these ideas into content and to maintain my consistency is having a social media content calendar.

Having such a calendar allows me to stay organised and it gives me a birds-eye view of what’s going out and when. This ensures that I’m always posting a variety of content consistently throughout the week, month, and year. 

When it comes to posting on social media, consistency is key. 

To help you kick-start your social media and save you countless hours of creating your content schedule, my team has developed a comprehensive 2-year social media calendar template packed full of post ideas, 100+ questions to ask your followers, 100+ inspirational quotes and 100+ daily hashtag inspiration, all packaged up into a handy calendar.

This incredibly valuable resource took weeks to pull together, and it could be yours for an incredibly low price. Click here to check it out.


So, there you have it! I hope that you’re able to draw inspiration from these 101 social media post ideas to consistently fill your social media calendars. If you found them useful, make sure you grab the free guide that lists all 101 ideas for easy reference. 

If you’ve used some of these ideas in the past, or if there are some others that you think we missed, we’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and wisdom in the comment section below.

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  1. Keryn Rose

    WOW! What an absolute goldmine of ideas. As someone who struggles to know where to start when it comes to the world of social media, this guide is like a lighthouse for me.
    Full of wonderful ways to engage readers, it provides guidance on how to grow an audience with simple ideas. I love it. Thanks Marnie.

    • Marnie LeFevre

      Thanks Keryn!! Glad you love it…we pulled it together for women just like you xoxo

  2. Emma

    Thank you Fempire! What an amazing smorgasbord of ideas; all killer, no filler. Can’t wait to get content planning. Thank you so much.

    • Fempire

      You’re Welcome Emma!! 😊 Good luck creating – can’t wait to see what you come up with xx


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