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A female entrepreneur doing online selling.

How do you feel after scheduling a meeting with a potential client?

Do you break out in a cold sweat? Do you think about calling in sick? And, Do you resolve early on not to worry too much. About losing the sale because you’re “just not that good at this”?

There’s a problem—and it’s not you.

Because you’re a woman. Most of the things you’ve been taught about selling don’t apply. That’s why it’s not working (and the reason you’re not enjoying it).

Does that mean you’re wrong for the job?

No. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of that.

As a woman, you are far better equipped than anyone to sell. Click To Tweet

The problem is that you’ve been given advice that applies to men closing sales. That’s so backwards! Particularly when you consider that women are better than men at selling…when they use what comes naturally.

Just to show you how what you’re born with can make selling more fun and more productive. I’ve put together a few examples:

Your Listening Skills:

  • Because you have an innate ability to listen. And quickly apply what you hear to the conversation at hand. You can keep interactions with potential customers highly relevant and all about them. You can really hear what they’re telling you. Respond in ways that make them want to be part of your brand.

Your Desire to Serve:

  • Men are more likely to approach sales with a “buy this to help me attitude.” Whereas women are more likely to approach each sale with a service mindset. This tells the consumer two things: 1) It’s more about them than about you. 2) You’re in this because you enjoy it, not for the paycheck.

Your Focus on Community:

  • (World Vision Australia) For millions of years, women have been bringing people together in families and social groups. We are interested in conflict resolution and believe in teamwork. For these reasons. We are more likely to admit if we can’t handle a job and to recommend someone who can. We’re also more likely to make introductions and network. These are seen as valuable services by potential customers, and make working with you even more desirable.

Less Pressure and Intimidation:

  • The simple fact that you’re a woman means people are more open to conversation with you. The belief is that men in sales are more intimidating than women. So they’re more likely to open up to you and hear what you have to say.

That’s just the beginning of how being a woman makes you, by default, a better salesperson.

So what’s the point of telling you all this?

I want you to understand that you can walk into any sales situation. Knowing that you’ve got everything it takes to be successful. I want to look forward to every sales appointment. To enjoy interacting with your ideal clients because every encounter is fruitful.

The only thing left is to learn some targeted sales tactics that are unlike anything else anyone is teaching you.

Want to learn what they are? Then all that remains is joining the Fempire Academy to view our Masterclass, Secrets to Selling. You’ll get the recording of that training. Along with the others that have been previously recorded. And let’s not forget the community support, course library, women’s wisdom, Little Secrets trainings, exclusive resources and much more. Every woman in business needs this academy, to learn how to make money doing what she loves!

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