The Increasing Relevance of Female Entrepreneurs

Women make up nearly half the world’s population, and yet only a little more than one-third of Australian businesses are owned by women. That might seem low, unless you compare that percentage to those of most other countries, where less than 30% of small businesses are being led (not necessarily owned) by women. I could go into lots of data that attempts to explain Why that is. However, I think the bigger issue is How: How you can build upon and leverage the momentum that is being...

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The Increasing Relevance of Female Entrepreneurs
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10 No-Cost Facebook Engagement Tips

Since Facebook changed its algorithm to promote personal connections, posts from business pages have been buried deeper and deeper in followers’ news feeds. You might see the same post from a friend over and over again, but somehow miss exciting updates from your favourite coffee shop or retailer. Facebook tells us that the purpose is to build more quality person-to-person interactions. I think it’s also (or mostly) about convincing businesses that they need to PAY for sponsored ads in...

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Does Gender Matter When it Comes to Choosing the Right Mentor?

A Female Perspective on the Role of Gender in Professional Mentoring Relationships. Gender isn’t something I’ve ever attached a lot of significance to because I believe that men and women are equally competent and necessary in the workplace. I grew up as the middle child of three sisters, and we were fortunate to have a loving father who instilled in us an enduring belief that we could do or be whatever we wanted, as long as we put our mind to it. My father was convinced that women belong...

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Grow Your Business with Facebook Live

When it comes to marketing and branding, it’s critical that you touch people where they live, with the kind of information they want, delivered in the way they prefer to receive it. As female entrepreneurs, business owners, brand builders and marketers, we know that it matters what our target markets have to say about how we’re communicating and interacting with them. Do they want images? Text? Video? If your target market is typical, it’s filled with consumers who prefer to absorb...

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Business SuccessCommunityNetworking

Givers Gain: A Small Business Networking Strategy

I hope I’m about to change the way you view small business networking for female entrepreneurs. If you’ve heard that before, and still have the same amount of contempt for stuffy luncheons in random hotel meeting rooms with people you don’t know, well then you’re in for a treat. This new networking method does away with just about everything you’ve learnt to despise about this necessary function of business marketing. You see, up until now, you’ve probably viewed networking events as a...

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Business Success

The Best Business Ideas for You

You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to start your very own business. As a smart, motivated businesswoman, you have plenty to prove, a range of business ideas to choose from, and a strong desire to succeed. But what’s your best path to success? What type of business should you start? And how will you choose the best business idea for you? Are you a Born Entrepreneur? That’s not always the case. Sometimes, an entrepreneur is born. She’s motivated. She’s an over-achiever....

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Personal Growth

Bridging Science and ‘Woo-Woo’: Two Scientific Discoveries and Five Great Leaders Changing How We View the World

Science is now helping us emerge from the cultural trance that haves us believe we are just our physical bodies and there is nothing beyond the physical senses. Scientific breakthroughs are confirming what ancient spiritual teachers have been saying for thousands of years: There is more to you than meets the eye. "The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a great disservice to them both."Carl Sagan I feel compelled to write this article because the...

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How to use Publicity to Grow your Business

One of a small or micro business owner’s biggest challenges is getting the word out about her business. You know your ideal customers are out there, and that they need your product or service. But how are you going to reach them? Without busting your shoestring budget with advertising? Publicity is one fabulous way to put your business in front of your target market. It’s rather simple in theory: Find the publications and media outlets that are delivering news to your target market.Appeal...

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How to use Publicity to Grow Your Business
Business SuccessPersonal Growth

7 Powerful Strategies to Help You Get Through Those Days When You Just Want to Give Up on Your Dream

I’m not usually one to focus my time and energy on things that aren’t working because I’m acutely aware that “What we focus on grows and expands” and all of that. And yet, I also think there’s enormous value in sharing our vulnerability and real-life struggles so that we know we’re not alone and so that we can help each other through them. And sometimes we have days where it all just feels really hard. And it’s OK to feel that way every now and then. It’s part of the natural cycle of...

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