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Building a Personal Brand

So, you've built your business brand? And you think that's all you'll need to be a woman of influence? I'm sorry, but you're not finished. Those who will follow you—who will buy from you and remain loyal to you—want to know who you are, why you're on this mission, what motivates you, what lights you up…and why you want to help them. They want to decide for themselves if they feel a kinship with you; if your business is one they can believe in and want to support. How are you going to do all...

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Building a Personal Brand
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Facebook for Business: The Importance of a Presence There

How can women like me gain brand awareness and build visibility for our companies? It seems to be the timeless, everlasting question on the minds of female business owners everywhere. We all need low-cost methods for reaching and appealing to those consumers we believe will benefit from and stay loyal to us. And yet, we struggle. One way to gain massive ground in this area is by employing the benefits offered by Facebook. We all know that social media plays a major role in marketing...

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Understanding your Target Market – How Important is it?

We have a $1 jar at work. It is not a swear jar (though we might benefit from one of those as well!), it is a jar for every time a new client tells us their target market is “everyone”. The jar is getting close to full! If you sell say recipe books online is your market the 90 year old in the nursing home who has no computer and who has their meals cooked for them? Do 10 year olds buy your service? I know this is extreme, however lets strip it back to people who just don’t like to...

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The Value of Networking for Women in Start-Ups and Small Business

You’re looking for ways to increase the number of people you reach, the number of quality business relationships you establish…all whist decreasing the capital and time you invest in strengthening your start-up or small business within the market. In this, you’re not alone. When I’m asked about the highest ROI activities for start-ups and small business, networking is always part of my answer. Why? Because ‘people buy people’ and if you are not out meeting new people you are losing the...

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Two women shaking hands

Do You and Your Business Have a Tribe?

Everyone wants to belong.

In fact, everyone needs to belong…and strong, independent business women are no different.

At a glance, the woman who stands alone, who possesses the skills to 'do it all,' and who relies on no one for help or support is the epitome of personal and business success. And yet, this self-reliant model is flawed.

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